Dauntless, a free cross-platform RPG title developed by Phoenix Labs, has seen an incredible increase in the figure for its lifetime players to 4 million, an achievement that occurs just a few days after its fully debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store.

Dauntless is a free-to-play action RPG available now on PC and console

With a monster-slayer themed environment, Dauntless is a promising console title and the good news for you is that no matter where you buy the game, you can always play this game with anyone who anticipates and keep your progress synced between different platforms.

Dauntless offers a faster, more slight fighting mechanic in comparison with Monster Hunter: World, and far less breath-taking than the gigantic old Monster Hunter titles’ generation. In this game, you can almost take down the beasts that you’re hunting effortlessly (the number for the kinds of monsters is only around twenty) and use them to enhance your armor and weapon. This is a game that you can quickly get into, join an instant match-making system with some other players just to go messing with a giant beaver. That feels like a Monster Hunter version for players who have a hectic schedule with the real life or those who just love playing a game effortlessly with an easy-to-get fantastic power instead of a long-lasted and violent journey.

Dauntless Game Awards
Dauntless offers a faster, more slight fighting mechanic than other beast-hunting games

While Dauntless was opened for beta players for approximately one year, the game itself attracted over 3 million gamers, and in an official announcement released by the developer, over 500.000 new participants have been involved in its full launch within the initial 24 hours.

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More than 500.000 new players give this game a try within 24 hours of its full launch

Released on May 21, Dauntless got some exciting offer of support for the cross-platform and gaming progress on three different platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Epic Game Store) right at its debut, making itself the first game has the ability to do that in the console gaming industry. The developer also has a plan to bring Dauntless to iOS, Switch, and Android in the future.