Some vehicles in GTA Online have access to a Rocket boost ability, which allows them to gain speed rapidly. The ability is useful in both traversal and pvp, as the sudden extra speed can throw off enemies' aims.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to highlight some of the best GTA Online vehicles with the speed boost feature.

1. LF-22 Starling

The LF-22 Starling is a rocket plane featured in GTA Online as part of the Smuggler's Run update. While its design is archaic, the Starling's performance is similar to that of a modern-day fighter jet, and its small, compact design is very easy to handle.

Lf22 Starling Gtao Front
LF-22 Starling in GTA Online

The LF-22 Starling sports a rocket booster on the rear, which can be used for both take-offs and cruising flight. The rocket booster provides a huge amount of acceleration, surpassing even the Hydra, Besra and P-996 LAZER.

Speed-wise, the plane is considerably sluggish without its Booster ability, but with correct usage, it can easily be one of the best performing planes in the game. The Starling comes with machine guns, homing missiles and even an option for installing bombs.

2. Toreador

The Pegassi Toreador is a custom submersible sports car featured in GTA Online as part of The Cayo Perico Heist update. It is more or less the best amongst amphibious vehicles - with everything the Stromberg has, and more. Appearance-wise, the Toreador looks like the Lamborghini Marzal concept car.

Toreador in GTA Online

Performance-wise, the Toreador is average on land, with a slightly underwhelming acceleration that can be improved by a booster. That same booster can be used under the water as well, improving the Toreador's speed greatly. The Toreador can also use Sonar to detect hidden caches.

Weapon-wise, the Toreador sports the usual arsenal of machine guns, rockets and torpedoes. The twist here is that it has an unlimited number of missiles.

3. Oppressor Mk2

Being a hoverbike, the Oppressor MK2 can travel on all terrains land, air and sea. This versatility is probably the best part about the vehicle - you can pretty much do everything except for diving underwater. Similar to the Toreador, the Oppressor MK2 also has a rocket boost for immediate acceleration, which can be used to avoid gunfire or missiles. That's why it deserves a slot in the top most useful vehicles in GTA Online.

Oppressor Mk2
Oppressor Mk2

You can equip the bike with either machine guns or missiles. Additionally, the vehicle can be fitted with countermeasures to improve its defensive capabilities against homing missiles.

4. Oppressor

The Pegassi Oppressor is a custom sports bike featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update. It is the base version of the infamous Oppressor MK2 and the second fastest vehicle in the game.

Oppressor MK1

The Oppressor is also the second most expensive bike in the game, after its upgraded version - the MK2. It is based on the bike from Street Hawk, a modified Honda XR 500 motorcycle. Performance-wise, its speed is impeccable - while controling similarly to other sport bikes, the Oppressor is slightly quicker and more responsive.

Pegassi Oppressor
Pegassi Oppressor is the second fastest motorcycle in GTA Online.

The bike is equipped with a rear-mounted rocket booster, which can be used as a brief speed boost on the ground or while airborne. The rocket propels the vehicle for a second and starts recharging instantly upon landing, finishing in about 3 seconds. Players can use this in conjunction with the wings to take off immediately or regain speed.

5. Vigilante

The Grotti Vigilante is one of the best-looking vehicles in GTA Online. It is mostly based on the 1989 movie Batman version of the Batmobile. Furthermore, its side is based on yet another Batmobile - specifically, the "Tumbler" created for the 2005 film Batman Begins.

Vigilante in GTA Online

Overall, the Vigilante is incredibly fast, smooth and sturdy. With its high mass and shape, the user can ram small vehicles and send them flying. The Vigilante comes with dual forward-facing fixed machine guns and two homing missile launchers. They have good tracking capabilities against most targets.


The Vigilante features a rocket booster similar to that of the Rocket Voltic, allowing for a quick acceleration. It appears to perform better than most boosters, as its recharge time is much faster, taking only 2.5 seconds. In addition, its effect on NPCs, players and vehicles is much stronger, capable of pushing them away at a greater distance.

6. Scramjet

The Scramjet takes cues from the popular 1960s Anime series Speed Racer and the lead car, the Mach Five. It is the only vehicle on this list that has access to both a Rocket Boost and a power hop.


On top of having access to machine guns and missiles, Scramjet users can also do drive-by attacks, which opens up more situational options. Most other weaponized vehicles don't have access to regular drive-by weapons

The Scramjet has a more effective boost that takes 4 seconds to recharge and propels the vehicle for 2.5 seconds. This particular booster can be deactivated early, allowing players to control their acceleration. By combining this with the power hop feature, players can quickly move around.

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