Half of the reasons Minecraft is so popular is because of its modding community. Players have pretty much free reins to add new content to the game, from mobs, items, blocks, or even game mechanics.

Some of the mods aim to fix Minecraft's generally low difficulty, making the game a true survival experience where players need to fight tooth and nail. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 hardest Minecraft modpacks that change your Survival experience completely.

1. RL Craft

RL Craft mod pack

This mod pack includes a plethora of content such as new mobs, bosses, biomes, and a completely new overhaul that will make the game both incredibly challenging and fun. In this mod pack, everywhere you go in your world is dangerous. This means that mobs are able to spawn during the day and at nighttime. Even staying inside your base will not protect you since the new mobs can appear out of nowhere to attack you.

Interesting features such as thirst, temperature, and first aid will also be introduced that will make the game even more excruciating. In this mod pack, everywhere you go in your world is dangerous.

2. Shattered Ring

Maxresdefault 3
Shattered Rings mod pack

Shattered Ring is a modpack inspired by the hit game Elden Ring. Featuring an all-new combat system, dozens of new intimidating enemies, and hundreds of points of interest to discover. Many of the systems you have come to understand in Minecraft have been overhauled. Below are some of the biggest changes in this modpack:

  • Revamped combat that will test your abilities
  • Unique and interesting loot to uncover
  • A brand new world generator, filled with incredible locations
  • Revamped gameplay systems
  • Dozens of additional deadly foes

3. Mineshafts & Monsters

Mineshafts and Monsters mod pack
Mineshafts and Monsters mod pack

An RPG modpack that actually gives the player an immersive storyline and complex worldview. It literally turns Minecraft into a normal RPG, with the following features:

  • A Complete Compulsory Quest-line, and a Good Amount of Side Quests
  • An Immersive Storyline!
  • Many QOL Mods
  • Hundreds of Animals, Monsters and Dragons
  • Breath-taking Biomes and Complete Cave Overhaul
  • Hundreds of New Structures
  • Mobs of Different Factions fight with Each Other! (Cross-mod compatibility!)
  • Reputation System for Different Factions
  • Use Chunk Loader to keep the colony working while you go off exploring!

4. Infinity-Fabric

Infinity mod pack

This is a combat, adventure, high-difficulty modpack. During the Journey of Infinity, you can craft powerful weapons and equipment to become a weapon master, or learn magic or alchemy, or become a magician or alchemist. But that's just part of your journey, and in the world of Infinity, there are all sorts of huge dungeons waiting to be explored. Below are the main features of Infinity-Fabric:

  • Tons of weapons and enchantments.
  • A lot of trinkets and artifacts.
  • Monster strength adjustments make monsters more difficult to deal with.
  • A variety of dungeons are available for players to explore.
  • Extremely powerful monsters and bosses.
  • Install some optimized mods to increase your frame rate count.

5. Last Days of Humanity

Last Days of Humanity is a post-apocalyptic modpack that turns Minecraft into a world of zombies. Players need to survive 100 days in hell.

Last Days of Humanity
Last Days of Humanity

It is pretty much a zombie survival sim, with the players being able to learn to make guns, turrets, vehicles, complex machinery and robot soldiers. Recruit survivors to your survival base, and obtain ores that are only available in the wasteland deserts in order to overcome the parasite raid on the 100th midnight.

The zombies in this modpack are very well designed. They are progressively faster and have the ability to pillar, destroy blocks, call for allies and infect survivors. All out invasions happen every 10 days and parasitic organisms spawn on the 50th day, gradually increasing as days go on. There are also mutated creatures that reside in specific biomes and enemy survivors that will gun you down on sight.

6. Rebirth of the Night

Inspired by Terraria, 7 Days to Die, and more, Rebirth of the Night is a Minecraft 1.12.2 modpack with its own progression system, lore, mechanics, and art. It's built with the idea of remembering the central themes of what made Minecraft enjoyable and expanding them in every way, increasing the overall risk and reward as you progress.

Rebirth of the Night
Rebirth of the Night

The design philosophy of this modpack is to create an experience where adventure, conquest, progression and survival are all intertwined. This pack is built upon the goal of keeping Minecraft close to the original concept of survival, while also completely re-imagining other gameplay mechanics. A recurring theme in this pack is that your actions have consequences: you are playing in a living, breathing world that will react to your actions. Mobs will mine and build to get to you, combat is greatly expanded upon, danger and dread are amplified, seasons change, and every world-changing event you cause has repercussions... Your skills in all aspects of gameplay will be tested, but in a way that supports many different play styles.

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