Player versus player, commonly referred to as PvP, denotes the combat aspect of multiplayer Minecraft where players engage in battles against other players. Whether engaging in team-based confrontations or one-on-one duels, PvP represents a challenging skill to develop for numerous players.

Here are some of the most useful items to bring in a PVP match in Minecraft.

1. Crossbow

The crossbow can function similarly to a bow without a charging time if it's pre-loaded. It inflicts 12 damage points, but it's important to note that it takes 3 seconds to reload. In situations where other players can see you, using a crossbow can put you at a disadvantage because regular bows have a shorter charging time compared to the reload speed of a crossbow. However, if a crossbow is enchanted with Quick Charge III, it gains the same charging time as a bow, significantly enhancing its potential in player versus player (PvP) encounters. The crossbow has its own unique enchantments, a slower recharge time compared to the bow, and the ability to shoot fireworks.

Crossbows Vs Bows
Crossbow and bow

The maximum damage caused by its projectiles is 11♥ × 5.5, and with the multishot enchantment, it can shoot three arrows simultaneously. If you encounter these, using a multishot crossbow is the most effective approach. The player can utilize the crossbow at close range to deal massive damage by hitting all three arrows. By combining multishot with Arrows of Harming II, you can create a crossbow capable of instantly eliminating any armor type, even if the opponent has consumed an Enchanted Golden Apple and possesses a Totem of Undying. Alternatively, the player can employ the crossbow as a powerful sniping weapon.

When firing fireworks from a crossbow with multishot, it causes 18 splash damage. Additionally, a crossbow with the Piercing enchantment is effective in combat, as the arrow can pass through entities and bypass shields, rendering the primary defense against ranged weapons useless. When combined with Piercing, Arrows of Harming II deal significant damage of 12♥ × 6 that circumvents both shields and armor.

2. Bow

An adequately charged bow not only surpasses the damage output of a diamond sword, inflicting 9♥♥♥♥♥, but it also possesses the capability to shoot projectiles up to a distance of 64 blocks vertically, making it a potent long-range weapon. However, due to its 0.9-second charge time, it is ill-advised to use a bow in close-quarters combat. Nevertheless, in pre-1.9 versions, employing a low-charged shot to halt an approaching enemy's movement before swiftly transitioning to melee combat grants a significant advantage in the fight. This allows for easy combo attacks, and even in the event of a hit exchange, the slight damage from the arrow provides a small advantage. For high-level PvP, it is recommended to utilize a well-enchanted bow to exert pressure on distant opponents, whether through rapid volleys or powerful shots. Additionally, bows can be used to apply effects to players by employing tipped arrows, such as poisoning enemies or healing allies. It is important to note that in Java versions 1.9 and higher, arrow trajectories are influenced by the player's motion.

3. Food

During a battle, it is crucial for a fighter to maintain a full hunger bar. If hunger falls below 18, their health will not regenerate, and if it drops below 6, sprinting becomes impossible. It is advisable to consume cooked food like steak or porkchops, as they replenish more hunger points compared to their raw versions. Whenever feasible, eating a golden apple is recommended, as it provides temporary Regeneration and Absorption effects. Once a golden apple is consumed, it is preferable to opt for foods with high saturation, such as suspicious stew or golden carrots, as they offer good saturation and can mitigate certain damage during combat. This is because having a full hunger bar and ample saturation significantly accelerates the rate of health regeneration.

Minecraft Food

4. Potions

Potions possess a range of beneficial effects, which can be employed to strengthen allies or harm adversaries when utilized as splash potions. Additionally, lingering potions offer a larger radius of effect, although they come at a higher cost. Strength, Speed, Fire Resistance, Regeneration, and Instant Health are among the most advantageous potions to have at your disposal. It's important to be aware that consuming a regular potion requires time and leaves you vulnerable. This is why some players prefer using splash potions more frequently. However, splash potions have the drawback of shorter durations for their effects, as well as the potential to inadvertently affect nearby opponents.

Minecraft Potions

To maximize the duration of a splash potion's effect, it is advisable to throw it in a manner that it lands directly on your own head. Lingering potions are valuable for either creating an inaccessible area temporarily or facilitating group healing within a team. However, lingering potions often result in significant lag and are costly, making them less commonly utilized.

5. Ender pearl

Upon being thrown, the ender pearl transports the user to the spot where it lands. This ability proves valuable in scenarios such as bypassing walls or evading perilous situations. However, it's important to be aware that using ender pearls inflicts damage upon the player. An effective strategy is to strike someone with a pearl as they attempt to escape, enabling the pursuer to swiftly close the distance. Some players may choose to teleport to the side or behind their opponent, catching them off guard. In certain terrains like steep cliffs or the nether, careful throwing of the ender pearl is necessary to avoid sustaining significant fall damage. Additionally, hitting an opponent with the pearl results in minor knockback.

6. Shields

Shields serve as a means to defend against incoming attacks. When a block is successfully executed, shields effectively nullify damage and prevent knockback from both melee and ranged strikes. Arrows and tridents that are blocked by a shield may bounce off and hit nearby objects or entities. However, if struck by an axe, the shield will be temporarily disabled for a duration of 5 seconds. It's worth noting that in the Java Edition, shields can become ineffective if they break or if projectiles pass through them due to the piercing effect of a crossbow.

Minecraft Shields
Sword and Shield

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