Sequels tends to be the make-or-break part of a video game franchise, especially the second game. They tend to expand on both the story and gameplay mechanics of the initial title, allowing the devs to close the plot threads and give players an epic conclusion against the villain.

A good sequel can catapult a game into a popular franchise. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 6 video game sequels that surpass their predecessors.

1. Portal 2

The follow-up to the first-person puzzle game Portal features an engaging plot with unexpected plot twists that capture the player's attention. Portal 2 introduces new characters, including Wheatley and Cave Johnson, who are both entertaining and memorable.

Portal 2 Release 1920x1080
Portal 2

Portal 2 offers a broader selection of puzzle components, such as light bridges, tractor beams, and gels that can modify surface properties. The game's puzzles are more challenging than those in the first installment, and new features are incorporated to inspire players to use their creativity and critical thinking abilities to advance.

2. Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II improves on the strengths of the previous game, while dealing with its many weaknesses.

1382205 Large Assassin Creed 2 Wallpaper 2558x1576
Assassin's Creed II

You play as Ezio, a man in Italy during the Renaissance. He goes from being a completely normal dude, to being a fugitive and assassin on the run. In the main storyline, you get vengeance for your father by assassinating multiple men who plotted against you and your family. The dialogue is pretty entertaining to read and sometimes made me laugh.

The parkour, although not perfect, is very fun. The music is memorable, and it's always nice to hear what cray lyrics the bards have made up for you as you stroll past them. There are plenty of weapons for you to choose from, and many ways you can get some tasks done. There are also plenty of side quests, but I try to avoid these for cooler things like running around on rooftops and getting viewpoints (map expansions).

3. Borderland 2

Growing up on games like Quake and Diablo really helped me to appreciate the greatness of Borderlands. There’s been a lot of games that have tried to pull off genre hybrids, but they either fail to deliver or just fail to program a game correctly. Borderlands is one of the few games that manages to feel like an RPG and a FPS at the same time.

Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2

Coming from a shooter side, the game is a very fun classic-style shooter, meaning that the realism has been replaced with you getting to unload a clip into someone before dropping them. Sniper headshots can generally take a foe down with one shot, but most all other guns are going to require you to get dirty. It feels an awful lot like a classic Quake shooter too. It’s just action based. Your ‘cover’ system is generally using your strafe and jump at the right time. By all means, this is great for some older gamers since most of today’s games are just striving to hit a certain realistic feel.

Borderlands featured strong gameplay aspects, but Borderlands 2 adds even more. It adds new adversary kinds that need various methods to defeat, as well as new weapon categories including grenades and rocket launchers. Furthermore, the game includes a more dynamic and diverse range of environments, such as floating cities and underground tunnels, which heighten the game's sense of exploration and adventure.

4. Mass Effect 2

Have you heard of a game where you can cheat death, destroy prisons, face off against three factions of mercenaries, mediate inter-species wars, lead a Suicide Mission, and even romance an attractive alien? Mass Effect 2, hailed as the best game of its generation, won 150 Game of the Year awards in 2010 and created so much anticipation that its sequel was doomed to disappointment.

1920x1080 Px Garrus Vakarian Mass Effect Mass Effe
Mass Effect 2

Fortunately, you don't need to play the first game to enjoy Mass Effect 2. The story is self-contained, and the codex provides additional details. If you did play the first game, your choices carry over, influencing the plot.

Combat uses a 3rd person camera and class-specific abilities and weapons, allowing you to command your squadmates. The game features six different classes, each with its unique abilities and strengths, making every playthrough feel fresh. You can create shockwaves, hack robots, create singularities, cloak yourself, slow down time, and more to defeat your enemies. The game has various difficulty levels, from casual to insanity, catering to players who prefer a good story or those who want a challenge.

5. Uncharted 2

With its enhanced graphics, compelling plot, and lifelike animations, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves outperforms its predecessor, Uncharted. New characters such as Chloe Frazer and Tenzin are introduced, as well as new fighting methods (such as stealth takedowns), weaponry, and traversal mechanics such as rope-swinging and climbing. The game also includes more intriguing and thrilling set pieces, such as a train journey and a helicopter pursuit.

Nathan Drake Playstation Plus Uncharted
Uncharted 2

Is Uncharted 2 gameplay better than 1? Both games took me around nine hours to complete, but Uncharted 2 felt like it was much more of a sprawling epic — mainly because I wasn't forced to fight off waves of enemies in a single location. Uncharted 2 constantly keeps the player moving forward through longer and more varied levels.

6. Far Cry 2

Unlike most games, Far Cry 2 tries to remain topical and relevant to current-day events. The game takes place in an unnamed African country. The government has fallen and guns are worth more than human life. You play as one of several would-be assassins sent to kill the Jackal, a notorious arms dealer.

Far Cry 2
Far Cry 2

What Far Cry 2 does probably the best out of most sandbox games is it makes you feel like you live in Africa. The game's hud is minimalistic, your health pickups are syrettes of morphine. You're infected with malaria and regularly come down with a fever requiring constant supplies of medicine to avoid dying. Your guns visually decay and eventually break apart in your hands.

The world is beautiful but is always extremely hostile to the player. With long stretches of open land requiring almost constant access to vehicles and guard checkpoints at every corner forcing the player to massacre their way through.

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