Final Fantasy 16 currently has both supporters and critics. However, there is one aspect that both sides generally agree on: the combat system is highly enjoyable and represents an improvement compared to previous action games in the series.

Most players can expect to invest approximately 35 to 40 hours in an Action Focus run of Final Fantasy 16 to complete the story and witness the conclusion of Clive's journey. This duration ensures that the combat remains challenging as intended by the developers. To survive and progress, players will need to master the combat system, focusing on essential elements while disregarding optional content.

In the game, players have the ability to equip Eikons to Clive, which grants him abilities with cooldowns and skills that can be used repeatedly. Of course, an engaging combat system wouldn't be complete without a variety of monsters. Final Fantasy 16 offers a wide range of creatures, including random monsters and unique ones known as Notorious Marks. While many of these monsters are familiar from previous games, they have received fresh designs. So, which redesigned monsters stand out as the coolest in the game?

1. Moogles

Moogles are technically considered monsters in the Final Fantasy series, although some view them as a distinct race due to their sentience. Nonetheless, Moogles are beloved creatures, especially Nektar in Final Fantasy 16. Nektar manages the Notorious Marks board, which is where players encounter some of the game's wildest creatures. Moogles first appeared in Final Fantasy 3 and have remained a staple since, although their appearances have evolved over time. Nektar's adorable, koala-like form is one of the cutest iterations in recent memory.

Nektar In Final Fantasy 16

2. Bomb

Bombs are among the most dangerous monsters in the Final Fantasy series. They initially appeared as large, orb-like creatures with teeth in Final Fantasy 2. Typically, they are depicted as round orbs, often red or orange, with flames shooting out from the top. The more they are hit, the greater the chance they will explode, dealing significant damage to the party. In Final Fantasy 16, their redesign portrays them as unsettling, lava-covered skulls that have been reanimated, creating a creepy aesthetic.

Bomb In Final Fantasy 16

3. Red Mousse

Like Bombs, Red Mousse also made its debut in Final Fantasy 2. Red Mousse represents just one type of jelly-like monster in the series, with the more common version being called Flans. Regardless of their names, these creatures share similar structural bodies. They are sentient blobs, but in Final Fantasy 16, they gain a menacing edge with horrific teeth and tentacles that Clive must face.

Red Mousse In Final Fantasy 16 3
Red Mousse

4. Iron Giant

It's important not to confuse Final Fantasy's Iron Giant with the beloved animated film from the late 90s. The Iron Giants in Final Fantasy are much more menacing, as they are hulking armored beings wielding swords that would make even Cloud's Buster Sword blush. They first appeared as rare encounters in Final Fantasy 2. In Final Fantasy 16, the first Iron Giant serves as a challenging boss. Its redesign introduces cool elements such as a spiked shield, a sword resembling a gunblade, and a chest reminiscent of the Heartless.

Iron Giant In Final Fantasy 16 1
Iron Giant

5. Ahriman

Ahriman initially held significant importance as one of the final bosses in Final Fantasy 3. However, its status diminished in subsequent games, appearing as a regular monster encounter. Most depictions portray Ahriman as giant eyeballs with bat wings, which is largely unchanged in Final Fantasy 16. However, the redesign includes gangly limbs and liver spots, lending it a decrepit appearance. Although it may not be a boss anymore, Ahriman remains a formidable enemy capable of casting Doom, which can instantly kill players who fail to dodge its attacks.

Ahriman In Final Fantasy 16 2

6. Lich

Lich was another prominent monster in the early days of the series, serving as one of the Four Fiends that controlled the world in the original Final Fantasy. While its designs have varied, subsequent iterations of Lich retained the Grim Reaper-like aesthetic with a few minor tweaks. Final Fantasy 16 takes a dramatic departure by portraying Lich as afaceless, oozed alien or a deep blue/purple naked version of Slender Man wielding a scythe.

Lich In Final Fantasy 16

7. Behemoth

Behemoth made its first appearance as a conceptual artwork for the original Final Fantasy but officially debuted in Final Fantasy 2. Initially, it wasn't particularly menacing, but as the series progressed, Behemoth became increasingly iconic and intimidating. Final Fantasy 15 featured the largest version of Behemoth thus far, but Final Fantasy 16's redesign adds even more terrifying elements. The Behemoth is covered in spikes, capable of standing upright, and can effortlessly hurl meteors at Clive.

Behemoth In Final Fantasy 16 1

8. Coeurl

Coeurl, another monster from Final Fantasy 2, has seen little change in its design over the past few decades. Typically resembling a cat, sometimes with spots and long tentacle-like whiskers, the Coeurl in Final Fantasy 16 receives a significant menacing upgrade. Its tentacles become longer and resemble power cables attached to two massive daggers. Additionally, Coeurl emanates electricity, allowing it to shock opponents. It first appears as a boss, followed by encounters with Kupka and an Eikon battle with Titan in Final Fantasy 16.

Coeurl In Final Fantasy 16

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