Since becoming a big player in the video gaming business, Square Enix has gone through many highs and lows. Although the results have occasionally been below average, they have dabbled with both Japanese and Western IPs, which have attracted attention in diverse ways. However, this publisher's enormous size and extensive collection of developed games cannot be disputed.

The development of many Square Enix games takes a sizable period of time. These games take players on lengthy expeditions with deeply moving stories that will hold their interest for an extended period of time. The most apparent examples in this regard are JRPGs, although Square Enix has also thoroughly investigated other genres.

Here are some significant Square Enix game examples along with their corresponding playtimes:

1. Final Fantasy 10 (66 Hours)

With Final Fantasy 10, Square Enix sought to significantly influence the sixth generation of gaming systems following the success of the series' earlier PlayStation games. This game is praised as being great and is regarded as the final classic release before the series suffered major modifications.

Final Fantasy 10 Tidus

Released on the height of PS2 gaming, Final Fantasy X is probably one of the most beloved entries in the franchise. As time passes, people have slowly realized the brilliance behind this game – as what made it corny is actually quite enjoyable. Coupled with one of the best turn-based systems in the series, Final Fantasy X’s high placement on this list is very justified.

FF X's main characters, drawn by Yoshitaka Amano - Final Fantasy's original artist

A fairly linear gaming experience, Final Fantasy X comes with large and detailed environments dotted with dungeons involving great puzzles. However, at the time, the graphics are the best selling point of the game, and at 2001, the processing power of the PlayStation 2 has allowed the game’s graphics to move to the next generation, making the Asia based land Spira and the models of characters look better than ever.

909881 Download Final Fantasy X Wallpaper 3840x216
The gorgeous world design

The relationship in Final Fantasy X was very well written – watching the bond between Tidus and Yuna grow alongside their adventures is something sorely missed in later FF games. On a more tangible level -for the first time in the series, all the cut scenes have full voice acting. Combined that with the corny dialogue, Square has been really successful in making every moment of their romance highly emotional and fluid.

2. Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time (66 Hours)

Star Ocean, a lesser-known but long-standing JRPG series, offers engaging turn-based gameplay despite having its own flaws. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time initially received criticism due to numerous bugs, but after resolving these issues, many players grew fond of the title, particularly appreciating its sci-fi elements.

Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
Star Ocean Till The End Of Time

3. Bravely Default (73 Hours)

As the name suggests, Bravely Default pays homage to the golden age of JRPGs. The game starts with a seemingly small-scale plot that gradually escalates, leading players to confront what is essentially a god. With its job system and classic gameplay, Bravely Default is a title that JRPG enthusiasts can easily enjoy, offering a lengthy and immersive experience.

Bravely Deault Cropped
Bravely Default

4. Octopath Traveler 2 (79 Hours)

Octopath Traveler introduced fresh ideas and boasted stunning visuals. However, its disconnected storylines were a major drawback, preventing some players from fully engaging with the game. Octopath Traveler 2, on the other hand, addressed this criticism while improving gameplay in many aspects. It is a fantastic modern title that fans of the genre should definitely explore.

Octopathtraveler2 Boats
Octopath Traveler 2

5. The Last Remnant (81 Hours)

The Last Remnant is a unique JRPG that offers an unconventional experience. While its battle system may feel somewhat restrictive, it effectively conveys the grand scale of the battles players participate in. With a compelling story and distinctive gameplay, The Last Remnant is an underrated gem that deserves more recognition, especially considering the remastered version that addresses graphical issues.

Rush Sykes
The Last Remnant

6. Dragon Quest 11: Echoes Of An Elusive Age (85 Hours)

Dragon Quest 11 made a significant impact with its latest entry, modernizing the series and making it more accessible to a wider audience. Despite being considered as legendary as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest never quite attained the same level of popularity in the West. However, with its release on multiple platforms, players finally had the opportunity to experience the hype surrounding the franchise. Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age stands out with its captivating world, engaging combat, and effective storytelling, firmly establishing itself as one of the best modern JRPGs.

Dragon Quest 11 S Echoes Of An Elusive Age Definit
Dragon Quest 11

7. Final Fantasy 12 (92.5 Hours)

The second entry to be released in the PS2, Final Fantasy XII is widely regarded to be a modern masterpiece. Being the first mainline Final Fantasy to drop the random battle system and replace it with real-time combat, the initial opinion about XII was divisive amongst fans.

Set in the world of Ivalice, Final Fantasy XII contains an array of well-designed characters and beautifully detailed environments. The overhaul combat system, known as the Active Dimension Battle, has a lot of depth and is very satisfying. The reason behind that is the highly modified limit break system, called Quickening, and the gambit mechanic. And that’s still not everything the game, with the Sphere Grid from FF X also getting added, under the name License Board – further, increase the customization of the combat system.

Thumb 1920 863601

With a recent update named the Zodiac Age, further improving the game, it is hard to compare XII to any other Final Fantasy game since it is just… different. Once you get through the first few slow hours and get used to the game, XII is probably one of the most exciting and rewarding JRPG experiences around.

8. Dragon Quest 7: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past (140 Hours)

This massive game, initially released on PlayStation but recommended to be played on the 3DS due to reduced grinding, showcases the longevity of the Dragon Quest series. The updated re-release significantly cuts down the average playtime by 50 hours, highlighting the immense scale of the game. While the combat system can be enjoyable, the excessive grinding present in the original release is not justified.

Dragon Quest Vii
Dragon Quest 7

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