Nintendo Switch is one of the three top consoles in the world, alongside PlayStation and Xbox. While it is just a handheld device, the Switch has a formidable library of games, rivaling its competitors. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best Nintendo Switch exclusives to play in 2022.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is considered by many, one of the best games ever made.

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There is so much content, so many things to do, and so many places to explore. You are given complete freedom in this adventure, you can even try to beat the game as soon as you start. Freedom and exploration are perhaps the best gameplay aspects, without leaving behind the sheer amount of actions possible: cooking, riding horseback, climbing... Whether you actually beat the story is also up to you, there is so much to invest in this game you might never grow bored of it.

2. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a jewel that shines with perfect controls, fresh possibilities and gameplay variety. Each kingdom is full of charm, clever objectives, gorgeous visuals, a stellar soundtrack, and a huge variety of ways to have fun.

Super Mario Odyssey

One moon would have players leaping across tiny platforms with pinpoint precision, and the next would have them cheering up a businessman by dressing like a clown. From the colorful graphics and well-executed game design to the sense of humor throughout the game, Super Mario Odyssey is everything you'd want in a console exclusive.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles

The low processing power of the Wii has definitely not been able to stop Monolith Soft from making one of the biggest role-playing game ever. The game has a huge open world and over 500 quests for players to explore.

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Xenoblade is pretty much a single-player MMO, as the developers have taken a massive amount of inspiration from popular MMO like World of Warcraft. This applies to Xenoblade's alien landscapes and real-time automated combat system (the game can actually play by itself, with occasional inputs from players).

However, in typical JRPG fashion, the quests are mostly grind-heavy and combat challenges. Xenoblade might not offer a free open world like Skyrim, or an intricate story experience like The Witcher. However, if you are looking for a classic JRPG experience, this game is definitely something you would want to try.

4. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Whatever path you choose, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is an absolute blast. This is the most ambitious videogame in the Fire Emblem series, with three campaigns and more than 100 hours of gameplay. If you want RPG tactical turns, this is one of the best options.

Fire Emblem Heroes Wallpaper Three Houses 4k By In

Story-wise, Three Houses narrates an enthralling tale that keeps you guessing. The characters are all quite likable, with the three storylines being different enough for additional replays. Gameplay-wise, Three Houses has rock-solid grid-based combat with deep squad customization and a great division of labor between its school and battlefield segments.

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