The winner of the Game of the Year, Elden Ring, has revealed that its first DLC is in development and will be titled Shadow of the Erdtree. Although no release date has been announced, fans can take comfort in knowing that the game will receive the additional content it deserves.

Analyzing the title, concept art, and past expansion packs from FromSoftware, it is possible to speculate on what players can anticipate from this highly anticipated Elden Ring DLC.

1. Alternate Timeline

Following the tradition of previous Soulsborne games, which often feature expansion packs set in the past or future, it is highly likely that Shadow of the Erdtree will take place in a different timeline than the base game. This is supported by the concept art depicting Miquella, the twin brother of Malenia, riding Torrent. Speculation suggests that the new story will explore Miquella's memories in a time long before the events of the game.

What To Expect In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree

2. New Characters

With a new narrative on the horizon, fans eagerly awaiting the DLC can expect the introduction of new characters. These characters may vary in significance, ranging from major players in the plot to minor non-playable characters serving as merchants. If the timeline shifts, players may also witness different aspects of existing characters or encounter legendary figures previously only mentioned. The concept art featuring Miquella riding Torrent is a prime example of what to expect.

3. New Armor

While protective gear is crucial in a challenging game like Elden Ring, looking stylish while defeating bosses is equally important. The upcoming expansion will likely bring a variety of new armor sets and outfit options, allowing players to stand out in the Lands Between. Depending on the theme of Shadow of the Erdtree, the new armor's aesthetics may diverge significantly from those in the base game. However, a combination of new designs and familiar fan-favorites is the most probable outcome.

Elden Ring Blackflame Build
New Armor


4. Unexplored Landscapes

Elden Ring features a vast open-world with diverse and visually striking areas. Players can access snow-covered mountaintops and discover a whole new realm beneath the map during their journey in the Lands Between. Creating unique landscapes for Shadow of the Erdtree might be challenging given the existing variety, but it is expected that the developers will succeed in delivering fresh and captivating environments.

5. Additional Weapons and Spells

The DLC will likely introduce a range of new weapons and spells with distinctive visuals and abilities. Players will need to search for these items, encouraging further exploration of the new lands. Once obtained, these new additions will inspire players to create entirely new builds and strategies. It is also possible that a new type of damage will be introduced, providing players with fresh approaches to defeating bosses.

Elden Ring Spirit Ashes
Additional Weapons and Spells

6. Fresh Boss Fights

Boss battles are a central element of Elden Ring and the Soulsborne genre as a whole. Players can undoubtedly expect a multitude of new and challenging foes to conquer in the upcoming DLC. With intricate lore and complex combat mechanics, the bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree are anticipated to provide an exciting and rewarding experience. Not only can players anticipate more boss encounters, but they will likely face tougher challenges that will test even the most seasoned Elden Lord. Additionally, if the DLC involves a time jump, players may even encounter bosses that were defeated before the events of the base game.

7. A High-Quality Experience

Above all, fans can expect a top-notch gaming experience from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. FromSoftware has consistently delivered quality content, as evidenced by Elden Ring itself. Given the DLC's release at least a year after the base game, it is evident that ample time has been devoted to crafting a complete expansion. Players can anticipate both excellent quality and a substantial amount of content, providing them with hours upon hours of engaging gameplay.

Elden Ring Game Hd Wallpaper Uhdpaper Com 7131e

8. Additional Achievements

Elden Ring, known for its challenging yet rewarding trophy and achievement lists, follows the trend set by other FromSoftware games. This highly anticipated title boasts a difficulty rating of 7/10 on PSNProfiles, with players spending anywhere from 65 to over 100 hours pursuing these accolades. Fortunately, only one trophy in Elden Ring is missable, allowing players to enjoy the game freely and pursue all the loot at their own pace.

Ash Of War Elden Ring
Elden Ring

To go the extra mile, the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC could even incorporate trophies related to the additional content that FromSoftware has introduced to Elden Ring since its launch. Over the past year, FromSoftware has continuously updated the game, introducing new features such as NPC questlines and the PvP Coliseum. It would be fantastic to see the DLC include a set of trophies that encompass these post-launch updates, enticing returning players to revisit the game and experience everything they may have missed.

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