GTA Online's Taxi Work missions have been added to the game as part of the recent Los Santos Drug Wars DLC drip feed. These missions allow players to do some extra side quests to gain cash in the chaotic city of Los Santos. Taxi Work also yield certain extra benefits, which gives every player a reason to try it out.

If done correctly, the extra income stacks up making your grind much more efficient. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete beginner's guide for GTA Online's Taxi Work Jobs.

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GTA Online's Taxi Work

1. How to start Taxi Work missions

Through February 8, 2023, Rockstar is offering unique rewards for engaging in this side hustle. Below is a step by step guide for starting Taxi Work jobs in GTA Online (without investing any money):

  • Visit Downtown Cab Co. located in the East Vinewood area of the map.
  • Enter the building by stepping on the yellow corona.

Afterward, players will immediately spawn inside a borrowed taxi, which allows them to start the side hustle instantly. To complete the task, just go to the customer's location, pick them up and drive them to their destinations. Players will get cash and RP for each trip completed, alongside these extra Taxi Work rewards:

  • Complete one Taxi job - Get $100,000
  • Earn a total of $20,000 in a session - $100,000
  • Earn a total of $40,000 in a session - $100,000 and Mustard Vinyl jackets

Additionally, Players on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 can even earn additional rewards by meeting the following conditions:

  • Earn $20,000 from Taxi Work jobs - Get Manor Geo Track Pants
  • Earn $40,000 from Taxi Work jobs - Get Manor Geo Hoodie and Cap

Alternatively, players can just start Taxi Missions right from their own vehicle. To quit the Taxi Work missions, players can just hold the key for entering the car. There are 100 pickup locations all over Southern San Andreas, which allow players to add these trips to their schedule any time they want.

Taxi work pickup locations

Taxi work can be done pretty much everywhere in San Andreas, however, the center of the city is obviously better.

Taxiwork Gtao Pickuplocations
Taxi work pickup locations

The tip value will begin to drop should the player take too long to drop the fare off, reducing by 3% of the original value (rounded to nearest dollar) every 30 seconds. Taking damage will also reduce the tip value depending on the seriousness of the crash.

2. How much does Taxi Work pay?

Gta Online A Half Destroyed Taxi
Each time you crash, alarm the client, or take too long to get somewhere, money will be deducted from your Tips.

Below are the yields players can expect to get by doing these missions:

Base pay

  • $100-$120 - Less than 2 km
  • $120-$140 - 2 km to 3 km
  • $140-$160 - 3 km to 4 km
  • $160-$180 - 4 km to 5 km
  • $180-$200 - 5 km to 6 km
  • $200-$250 - 6 km+

Tip money

  • $1,010-$2000 - first to tenth trip
  • $2,000 - Every trip after the count of 10 in a session

While this might look rather unimpressive, each trip only takes like 3-4 minutes to complete. After the 10th trip, however, players can reliably get at least 22k every 30 minutes, which is fairly straightforward and safe.

Other players can see the player while performing this work and can attack and destroy the player's Taxi or kill the player or their passenger, ending the work session. Taxi Work will also be ended if the player gains a wanted level at any point during a pick-up or drop-off.

3. Additional rewards from GTA Online Taxi Work

By successfully completing a number of fares during Taxi Work unlocks additional rewards

10 consecutive fares completed:

  • Unlock Taxi's trade price on Warstock Cache & Carry, which reduces the original price tag by 25%, from $650,000 to $487,500.
  • "5 Star Ride" Award
  • $100,000 and 10,000RP

50 total fares completed:

  • Downtown Cab Co. livery for the Classique Broadway.
  • "Taxi Driver" Award.

Completing 10 Stunt Jumps during Taxi Work: Downtown Cab Co. livery for the Willard Eudora.

Gta Online Taxi And Downtown Cab Company Recruitme
GTA Online Taxi Work is a Free Mode job that can be done anytime in the game, regardless of the session type.

4. The best car to use in Taxi Works

While the normal Taxi is decent, players can get a better one by playing Arena War.

Gtao Arenapointstaxi Png
The Taxi Custom obtained through Arena War in Grand Theft Auto Online.

A variant of the Taxi dubbed Taxi Custom as of the Los Santos Drug Wars update is available as an Arena War reward. It comes pre-modified with a custom black and red paint job, Classic Rod lowrider wheels with whitewall tires, bulletproof tires, race brakes, race transmission, EMS upgrade level 3, armor upgrade 80% and turbo tuning. It always spawns with the traditional taxi light, although closer inspection indicate it has both the classic taxi light and the modern one at once.

The taxi in GTA Online is powered by a 4-cylinder engine, coupled to 5 speed gearbox and powering the rear wheels. Like the Police Cruiser, acceleration is good, engine durability is very good, top speed is above average, and braking is acceptable.

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