While playing Apex Legends, whenever you feeling like going solo and just intend to drop somewhere and loot all on your own, it can be somewhat irritating to become the Jumpmaster. A streamer on Twitch, known as the name of Cheesedex, apparently, has the same feelings about this. However, he seems to have found the best “solution” for this.

In a recent and hilarious livestream where Cheesedex appears to be dropping into a location in Apex Legends - Interstellar Relay. However, coming along with him is a little bit of a nuisance: He is followed by an unwelcome and random teammate.

“Oh my gosh, he’s sticking with me,” Cheesedex whined. “Get off me.”

It looked like as if he simply had no other choice but to share the loot with the player who dropped along with him. Suddenly, at what seems to be the very last second, Cheesedex came up with a brilliant idea and realized the way to could shake get rid of his teammate.
“I’m gonna drop him off the map,” said Cheesedex, right before he landed right on the verge of a nearby cliff. That resulted in his teammate not having any space to land on. He ended up falling straight down the valley at the highest speed.


Apex Legends Lifeline Art 1280x720
Teamwork is everything in Apex Legends


“Wait, did it work?” Cheesedex asked while going back to find his teammate, only to find himself laughing in shock and disbelief seeing the evil scheme had unanticipatedly succeeded. The respawn banner of his teammate showed up on the map, making Cheesedex laugh harder than before.

He ran to take the banner as fast as he could, perhaps to show his redemption towards his teammate. However, his deceased teammate decided to disconnect right after the clip ends. “You know, I kinda feel bad,” expressed Cheesedex.

We can tell for sure that he felt very terrible for having the whole high-tier loot drop in the area all to himself.