Are you a pet lover? Do you love playing video games? Now you can combine both of your passions into one thing in a new pet game on Switch: Little Friends: Dogs & Cats. Do love playing with animals but the rain is pouring hard outside? No problem. All you need is just plugging up your Switch and start the game. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is pretty much a pet sim game, you raise a pet and play games with it. While it may sound childish, the game genre delivers a lot of fun.

A Pet Game 01
Video game and pet lovers alike should definitely try this fun game

The game is set to release on May 28 in both digital and physical store. The game is the modernized version of Nintendo's classic Nintendogs franchise. Just like its name, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats features both cat and dog to choose from. Such cute and fluffy creatures will give you a good time to relax with family and to teach children how to be a responsible pet owner.

It would be a fun experience

Here we can do all sorts of thing to our favorite pet, from caressing their fur to playing throw and catch. Also, you can feed your pet to make it grow some specific characteristics. You can change the surrounding environment to match your liking.

A Pet Game 02
Which is your favorite color and environment?

A lot more mini-games are available for your choice. Be it cats or dogs, there are various actions you can do with your pet. But beware! The game is highly addictive and you may find yourself immersed in the cute world with virtual pets. Moderate gaming benefits health but excessive time spending on games would lead to unbalanced daily life. Also, your real-life pet may feel lonely if you spend too much time toying with the little electronic friend.

Currently, the game Little Friends is up for pre-order in all major game retailers like Amazon, Gamestop, Target, and Best Buy. Go and grab it to experience a relaxing and joyful game.