I am sure you have seen a Nintendo Switch emulator on Windows XP, but have you seen Windows XP running on Nintendo Switch? Yes, it actually works, and you can even play Pinball on it. A Redditor with username We1etu1n just showed his work on the SwitchHaxingSubreddit with a picture of a Switch with the iconic green hills wallpaper of Window XP and the old blue taskbar.

Apparently, the man had been using this Switch for few days via L4T Linux. It took him 6 hours to install the system, and although it was chunky, the combination was still able to "run Pinball 3D at full speed."

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Win XP runs perfectly fine on the Nintendo Switch

We1etu1n real name is Alfonso Torres. When he was asked why he chose Win XP, he said XP porting is really popular in the hacking community, it like making Doom run on "toaster or calculator,", it's fun to see absurdly things work.

The way he makes the project was to use L4T Ubuntu, a Linux build "based on Nvidia's Linux for Tegra project." The build is custom-made for the Switch hardware. And if Linux can run on something, it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

The Switch's dock includes a USB Type-C hub, making it possible for a USB keyboard/mouse and also an HDMI output. Seemingly, the Switch turned out to be a decent mini-PC.

Torres thinks The Switch is actually a quite powerful device. Since the Linux build came out, he has been using the Switch as his main to do all the work and everything was flawless. Only a few programs didn't work because they are not compatible.

As a prove, Torres recorded a video of him playing Space Cadet Pinball on The Switch with a keyboard. The game was running perfectly smooth inside the mini-PC with only one little hiccup. There is no sound, the audio didn't work in the VM. But it's no big deal, we all have been playing this game for long enough to create its sound in our head anyway.