The famous Xbox fan – game development hobbyist Voxel9 has just shown off that he managed to play the first Xbox on a Nintendo Switch. This guy has just uploaded a clip to his Youtube channel showing that he was running the XQEMU Xbox emulator on a Switch device. This guy managed to open some classic games of Xbox and play in the clip, including the first Halo title.

Screenshot 11
Halo: Combat Evolved on a Switch

The video by Voxel9 starts with some running code on the screen of the Nintendo Switch. After all the codes have been compiled, the screen shows the intro animation of the first console by Microsoft (released in 2001). Then Voxel9 opens Halo: Combat Evolved and play the game a little bit.

This guy can even run the famous title JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future on his Switch. This game was released in 2002, and it is supposed for Xbox only. No other console has this game, even the Xbox One backwards compatibility program does not feature this title. This is a great thing for hardcore gamers of Xbox since we all want to see the classic titles back alive.

Screenshot 10
JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future on Switch

However, there is bad news for any gamers that keep their expectation high with this achievement. The XQEMU Xbox emulator on Nintendo Switch is not smooth at all, and the frame per second rate is really low. All the Xbox game in the Switch runs at an extremely slow speed that Voxel9 had to speed up his Youtube video four times. The reason is simple: the XQEMU Xbox emulator requires a high-end PC to run it smoothly, so low-end devices like Switch cannot handle the program properly.

One more inconvenient of this Xbox-Switch is that Voxel9 had to use a PlayStation 4 controller to control the device because the emulator can’t detect the Joy-Con of the Switch. Imagine using a PS4 controller on a Nintendo Switch to play Xbox games. Crazy huh?

Although this method is mainly for show-off, Voxel9 showed us that impossible can be done. Perhaps this achievement can open up more possibility for the gaming industry.