Most of us would agree that we ‘kinda’ have enough types of consoles in the gaming industry nowadays. PlayStation series (with PS4 is the newest model), Xbox series (with Xbox One X is the newest model), Nintendo Switch are enough for us to entertain ourselves with all the great games in these three consoles. But not everyone thinks so.

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that it would release a totally new console for gamers. This gaming studio’s aim is to have a console that will be competing with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. To make thing even cooler, this gaming studio calls its console The Mad Box, and it declared that The Mad Box would take the place as “the most powerful console ever built.”

CEO of Slightly Mad Studios Ian Bell has confidently said that

“What is the Mad Box? It’s the most powerful console ever built. It’s literally ‘Mad.’”

Playstation Xbox One Nintendo Switch Rival Mad Box
The Mad Box gaming console

But things are not going the way Slightly Mad Studios wants. Just recently, Google announced its online game streaming service – Google Stadia. This service will charge you a certain amount of monthly fee, but in return, you will have access to the gaming library of Google. And your device will only serve as a streaming tool because the computer of Google will do all the processing work.

This is great news for gamers with a tight budget since now we can play the AAA games that only supposed for PC on our tablets or smartphones, as long as we can have an internet connection faster than 27mbps. Nevertheless, the console and PC producers are not that happy. If Google Stadia works, it might be the end of the reign of consoles and high-end PCs. And The Mad Box shares the same fear, especially when it is not released yet.

Google Stadia
The way Stadia works is quite simple and straightforward

Google also said in their introduction of Google Stadia that “The future of gaming isn’t in a box.” And this hurts Slightly Mad Studios so hard that now it has to reconsider the “box” part in the name of its console. Will The Mad Box ever be born? We might have to wait and see. But Slightly Mad Studios is really determined with this project, and it has promised a lot of great features in its console. Hopefully, it can deliver its promises.