Destroy All Humans!, an alien action-adventure game released in 2005 has been introduced to have a remake by Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic. A brief announce trailer was also published along with this statement by the studio on the last Friday morning.

Destroy All Humans
The remake of 2005's Destroy All Humans! is set to release in 2020

A remake that continues the chaos alien life on Earth

Destroy All Humans! was originally designed as a sci-fi action game by the developer Pandemic Studios. It told a story set in 1959 where players would find themselves controlling an alien called Cryptosporidium 137, or Crypto. He's trying to invade the Earth for the purpose of his plan: clone more of his alien kind by collecting human DNA.

The original game was released in 2005.

Into the game, players will find out that along with the fascinating chaotic open world and general society destruction, Destroy All Humans! also offers an enjoyable experience throughout its nonsense gameplay.

The game was based on the conventional image of aliens as small grey men in flying saucers, while making fun of the late-50s and early-60s' standards and pop-culture as well.

Additionally, the way it made jokes and references was even more interesting than its unusual sense of humor, which seems not to disappear in the remake version.

In the trailer released recently, Crypto kidnaps cows to his saucer and got the whole town hypnotized into a huge dance party set to, for some reasons, Rammstein’s “Ich Will.”

If this trailer were anything related to its gameplay, we can expect the remake version to maintain the game's unique vibes of ridiculosity as the players will be allowed to fully control the world.

Release date and supported platform of Destroy All Humans!

There is no specific launch date for the remake of Destroy All Humans! revealed in the trailer. All we know is the game will come to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2020.

Currently, it is under development by Black Forest Games, a THQ Nordic's subordinate company. In addition, this title is not the only one that is going to have a remake from THQ Nordic. There is an announcement earlier this week, saying that the studio is also developing a remake for the cult-classic 3D-platformer SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.