Resident Evil 2 players who use PC or consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One received a brand new video a few days ago which has finally showcased the gameplay that features Robert Kendo and Ada Wong.

Re 2 Remake Ada Wong Redesign 1
Ada Wong

This version of Resident Evil is actually a remake of the game which developed by N64 and PlayStation. It can be considered to be among the most intriguing game to be released at the beginning of 2019. Up to now, there have been lots of Claire Redfield’s and Leon Kennedy’s action scenes. However, the players still haven’t got the chance to see more gameplay featuring other side characters that they love.

Resident Evil 2 1148246 1280x0
Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy

After the leak, Ada Wong got the official introduction in a trailer at the Tokyo Game Show. Subsequently, we now have a gameplay video highlighting her role in the game.

The trailer begins with Ada Wong making her way through the Raccoon City along with Leon, they are both discussing her plans. After that, we can actually see her gameplay section
Although there is nothing much that she does except for destroying a fan by hacking a device, it is still great to watch it fully realized in the 3D visuals of the game.

Anteprima Resident Evil 2 20 1280x720
Ada Wong

Moreover, Ada Wong is not the only character being introduced in this trailer. Robert Kendo also appeared in a brief scene. He is the owner of Kendo Gun Shop of Raccoon City. In that scene, he tries to hold up Leon Kennedy while he is passing through the shop. And lastly, the video ends with a fascinating extended fight of Leon against a brand new disgusting-looking monster

Anteprima Resident Evil 2 14 1280x720
Robert Kendo holding up Leon Kennedy

You can watch the new video of the gameplay in the link below. RE2 is poised to be available on PC and consoles like Xbox One and PS4 on 25 January 2019. You can start pre-ordering on Amazon right now.