Assassin’s Creed is amongst the most loved franchises made by Ubisoft – and because of that, there would be at least one new AC game getting worked on at any given time. After the success of AC: Origins in 2017 and AC: Odyssey in 2018, Ubisoft had decided to take a year break. Because of that, it is expected that a new game would be released somewhere in 2020.

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The Norse setting has been hinted in previous Assassin's Creed

There is no official confirmation on the topic yet, however, based on leaked information, the next entry in the franchise would be dubbed Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok, with a reveal date only months away.

The game would probably be announced during the grand introduction event of the PS5 on Feb 12, 2020. The next generation of the famous console made by Sony would be revealed on the gala, including the main designs and some of its best features. It is very likely that Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok would be amongst the first PS5 games to be revealed at the event.

367031 Assassins Creed Origins Wallpaper
The soft reboot AC Origins was pretty well received

However, as leaks are just rumors in nature, fans of the series should take this news with a lot of salt. Besides the reveal date, the leak also claims that the game would have a Viking setting (which was also referenced by some other leaks and details from previous AC games) and would be released on Fall 2020 for both generations of consoles. Furthermore, the map of the game would feature regions of Scandinavia and some parts of England, with options to pick the gender for the protagonist, Jora.

The ability to play as both male and female characters would be a part of AC Ragnarok

Ragnarok would reportedly use the Brotherhood recruiting system, which was also confirmed by another previous claim. Players would be able to travel the north sea by boats to reach Asgard and similar to the previous two AC games, you would meet gods from the Norse pantheon such as Odin and Loki.

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