People have been getting pretty creative with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its robust social features. The life-sim series has never been this big - the reason for this blown up in popularity is solely attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic that has been forcing lockdown all over the world. People are using this game for a lot of activities - from hanging out with friends, creating a surprise wedding... to holding birthday parties.

It is possible to craft a huge amount of cute items in Animal Crossing

If this trend gets any more popular, it is likely that we would see even more weird stuff soon enough. A few days ago, the daughter of Alexia Christofi, a PlayStation Producer from London, got a surprise birthday party bash in-game. This is actually pretty ironic, as the Switch and the PlayStation are competitors, yet her daughter still picked the Nintendo product while her own mom is working for Sony.

The kid looks pretty happy with this arrangement

What do people do at a birthday party that was held in Animal Crossing? It varies, as there are just so many activities programmed into the game. For little Sophia, however, the party involved gifts, music, decorations, party poppers...and lastly, hide and seek.

The mom's thankful tweet

New Horizons is the latest title of the Animal Crossing life simulator series that was released for the Switch exactly one week ago. In this game, players would take over an island and build their own estate on it - cute animal residents would be attracted to the island eventually to form a small community and eventually a town.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Garden Background
A garden in AC: New Horizons

Players can create various cosmetics and decorations from materials gathered in the environment - they can then be used to decorate both exterior and interior spaces. The game is actually pretty similar to titles like Minecraft - with more focus on the social life sim aspects. People can visit each other's island, and every single one of those islands is unique, based on the people there and the actual real-life location they live in. This is a first for the series, as the weather in-game would change based on regional weather.

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