Apparently, the person who discovered this leak is also the one who is responsible for finding out about the leak of the upcoming placed turret items and flamethrower that could potentially enter the game in the near future.

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Check out his Tweet below for more information:


The comments were controversial. Some people are excited about this upcoming night mode, however, the others are concerning that other players can take advantage of the dark mode to use small characters and dark outfits to win the game.

As can be seen from the picture above, the leak was found in an Apex Legends’ game files, which hinted about the potential upcoming dark mode. The mode is known as night mode, which would make Apex Legends’ map turn into a deep dark place. This is a new development for Apex Legends’ map, which currently has no day-night or weather effects. We can look forward to fighting in another mode instead of sticking with the broad daylight the whole game.

There have been requests from a lot of Apex Legends’ players and fans, most of them have been asking for a night mode for Apex Legends. This has begun ever since a Reddit user posted a concept art showing how the map would look like in night mode. You can check you the post below:

Until this moment, the post has received over 11,000 upvotes and sparked a strong interest amongst the Apex Legends’ community with the current comment counts of 631. It seems that fans are eagerly waiting for the official response from Apex Legend’s developer.

However, this currently remains unknown whether these leaks are going to happen or not. It will be wise to consider the leaks as simple speculation and wait until Respawn Entertainment – Apex Legends’ developer – officially confirms or denies the aforementioned new features.