Some Apex Legends players have found a new way to acquire free coins by using the Origin Access Pack. This trick only works for people who do not subscribe to Origin Access program. What they have to is to put in a certain code and they will have 1,000 Apex Coins for free, a Banner Badge, as well as a Flatline skin.

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What you get when use the exploit

Several players have tried the trick and acquired the rewards. They said that it had a striking resemblance to the exploit with Twitch Prime Pack some time back, which gave players five Apex Packs and one exclusive offer only players subscribed to Twitch Prime can get, which is the famous Pathfinder skin.

This exploit will not be there for long though. As with the trick with Twitch Prime, Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind Apex Legends, will fix this as soon as possible. The last time might not leave any negative consequences but it is not like that this time. Some players have been banned for using the Origin Access exploit. Others reported that when they logged in to the game, the coins and the packs remain but the skin was no longer there.

Respawn will fix this soon

This trick has already had a negative effect on Respawn’s benefits but if the leak is confirmed and Respawn fails to fix it in time, the result might be destructive for the company. If the Apex Legends Battle Pass had been released on the day of the exploit, a large number of players would have gained it without paying 950 Apex Coins as the company planned.

Even though Respawn has not yet said anything on this matter or revealed any punishment for players who use the exploit, with recent reports, it is possible that the trick does not work anymore or your accounts will be banned forever.