Respawn Entertainment’s new battle royale FPS game has become an atom bomb to the world of gaming. Since the game’s surprise release on February 4th, this game has hit the 50 million unique players mark all over the world on all platforms, taken down some Fortnite’s records and got itself some tournament. It is not too much to say Apex Legends has become one of the hottest video games on the market.

Unfortunately, being a famous free-to-play game also mean hackers and cheaters will see your game as a promising land. You are likely to have encountered a lot of aimlock hacks or wall seeing through hacks in your Apex Legends games. But now, it looks like we have a totally new type of cheat in Apex Legends: speed hacking. Popular Twitch streamer, Trainwreckstv, was streaming Apex Legends when an enemy player dashed pass him and his teammate at an incredible speed. Take a close look at the clip below:

Apex Legends cheaters and hackers have been storming the game a while now. Many famous streamers have raised their voice on this matter. In response, Respawn Entertainment announced that the studio has banned over 355,000 hackers away from their game on March 8th. The developer has also said that its anti-cheat system is being improved so that there will be no cheaters in Apex Legends.

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There will be a VAC for Apex Legends?

Cheating and hacking issues in this game is so huge that 2018 most famous Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has spoken about this to ease the community

Apex Legends fans are now hungrily waiting for the beginning of season one (maybe with a new character being announced), as well as the release of the Battle Pass. Respawn Entertainment is trying its best to keep all information about their new anti-cheat system so that it can combat well against even the smartest hackers.