With plenty of legends available for choosing in Apex Legends, to figure out the best ones to use is not easy. But now, the problem is now solved! We’re introducing you a comprehensive tier list, ranking characters from best to worst to help you pick the right character every single game.

One of a few things that distinguish Apex Legends from other battle royales of the same kind is the ‘Legends’ that each player will take in a game.

Apex Legends Character
Apex Legends - a new free Battle Royale game.

Instead of putting on your own skins like in Blackout or Fortnite Battle Royale, each and every character from Apex Legends owns special abilities, which is extremely crucial to utilize to be victorious.

With that in mind, it is almost inevitable that some characters and abilities are simply better than the others. Hence, below is a complete tier list ranking in Apex Legends for your reference.

‘S’ Tier


Apex Legends Lifeline
Lifeline - the one and only Legend in the "S" tier.

It is not hard to point out that Lifeline is the most important character in the game, based on the squad play reliance factor of Apex Legends.

Lifeline’s Tactical Ability - the Heal Drone - lets her summon a drone to heal neighboring teammates. This ability saves a huge amount of healing items for the team, and the Combat Medic passive lets her use consumables 25% faster.

And in case you need defensive gears, Care Package will provide them to you in a fully packed drop pod. With such high utility, Lifeline is extremely important in Apex Legends and will do well in almost every team.

‘A’ Tier


Apex Legends Wraith
Wraith - a perfect Legend for those who want to weave in and out combats.

Wraith is really good for those who want to be quick in and out of battles. Her Tactical Ability is called Into the Void. It lets her become invulnerable in a short amount of time, ignoring all kinds of damage to reposition during a fight.

Her “Dimensional Rift” is mighty to either save your team from a sticky situation or outrunning the Ring. The ultimate skill forms a portal that lasts 60 seconds.

The utility from Wraith might not be comparable to Bangalore or Lifeline, but the offensive capabilities coming from her are definitely amazing. And one more thing, her heirloom is amazing, either.


Apex Legends Bangalore
Bangalore - an "A" tier character in Apex Legends.

Bangalore brings about a nice set of abilities to Apex Legends. The Smoke Launcher gives you a smoke wall to cover up and heal mid-battle.

From the smoke, Bangalore can use Rolling Thunder - the ultimate skill -  to provide an artillery strike for even more cover.

Finally, the passive skill Double Time allows you to move faster when you take fire - perfect to escape from heated situations.


Apex Legends Mirage
Spend your coins/tokens to unlock Mirage - a special Legends in the "A" tier.

Mirage is a locked character from the two ones. You can only unlock him by spending Apex Coins / Legends Tokens. It is likely that not many players have tried out Mirage, but once they did, the guy’s strengths are undeniable.

All of Mirage’s abilities centers around decoys, which effectively distract enemies and provide an opportunity for counterattacks. You can send one out manually using Psyche Out, or automatically with Encore, or even the whole team of decoys using Vanishing Act.

Mirage’s abilities are very situational, but overall the character is still a decent pick for any team


Apex Legends Bloodhound
With Bloodhound - you will always have a vision advantage to battle your enemies.

Bloodhound is essentially made for players with an aggressive playstyle. His set of skills focuses on tracking the enemies and revealing their coordinates. The vision advantage from him can really help his team thrives in battles.

Eye of the Allfather is the name of his tactical ability. It reveals enemies and traps to give better fight approaches. Also, his passive skill Tracker reveals tracks from enemies, while his Beast of the Hunt ultimate lets you move faster while highlighting enemies.

As you can see, Bloodhound is extremely good at locating enemies and catch them by surprise. However, after getting into fights, there is no utility contributed from him. Therefore, Bloodhound is a very situational Legend to pick.

‘B’ Tier


Apex Legends Caustic Guide Gas Bridge 640x360
Caustic - the other special Legends that requires coins/tokens to unlock.

The actual ranking for Caustic is in a bit of controversy, but one thing for sure is true: his kit is incredibly deadly when you use it in the right way. Looking at the name, you probably have guessed it, Caustic uses gas to suffocate enemies.

His Tactical skill Nox Gas Trap can protect the team and alerts allies when enemies are nearby by setting up a perimeter.

His Ultimate is Nox Gas Grenade, which sounds almost like his Tactical skill. The ultimate is so far, the strongest skill of Caustic. It blankets a huge area using Nox gas, slowing down and damaging enemies. And when you throw it in a building, the enemies have no other way but to rush to avoid dying.

Due to such situational abilities, Caustic is ranked in ‘B’ Tier, but his skills can surely secure victory in any game.


Gibraltar Apex Legends
Looking for a tanker in Apex Legends? Gibraltar is here for you.

Gibraltar is a true tanky character in Apex Legends. He might not have many utilities like the former legends, but there’s a place for Gibraltar in specific teams.

His Gun Shield allows him to shoot and protect himself at the same time. His Dome of Protection summons a huge dome similar to Winston from Overwatch to protect his team. Last but not least, his Defensive Bombardment lays down cover fire using mortar strike.

All in all, Gibraltar doesn’t perform too well in a majority of matches compared to other better Legends options from the Legend characters.

‘C’ Tier


Apex Legends Pathfinder
Pathfinder - the only Legend character in the dreaded "C" tier.

We’re really into spectating fancy Grappling Hooks, but Pathfinder doesn’t do much for the squad-oriented nature of the game.

His Grappling Hook skill can make flashy plays during a fight but doesn’t help the team that much. Pathfinder's Zipline skill helps the team getting around quickly, although it is still very situational to work with.

His Passive skill is called Insider Knowledge. It reveals the next ring’s location, but given the time between ring shrinkage, Insider Knowledge is not really necessary at all.

In the future, Pathfinder might receive some buffs to be actually playable among the Legends roster. But sadly, for now, he’s alone in the horrendous ‘C’ Tier.