Apex Legends, Respawn's new game has been accessible for a while now. It is a really fast-growing game and as such more and more players are approaching it with better skills. Subsequently, you will need better tools to gain advantages. Below are the directions to how to find the best weapons in the game.

First things first, to keep this simple, we will list only the only gun of each type which we consider is the best. To be fair, every player has their own preference and style but the guns below are still considered to bring you the biggest advantages in general situations.

Before we give you each type's best guns, the first 2 are the best of the best in the game. Generally, you can only find them in airdrops. The rest of the list can be found all over the game's map.

Apex Legends Map

Shotgun: Mastiff

It is basically a terrific killer. Only 1 shot (pellet) can cause 18 and 36 damage to enemy's body and head respectively. Each shell contains 8 pellets so if all of them successfully hit, the damage caused to the enemy's body and the head is 144 and 288. It is possible to blow up your enemy in 1 shot if you are skillful enough, giving that they are having not too much armor left or you commit a headshot. The gun is equipped with 16 shells.

Sniper: Kraber

It is similar to the AWM in PUBG. Each shot to the body causes 125 and 250 damage to the body and the head respectively. It is deadly in the experts' hand.

The weapon accompanies a 6x-10x variable optic when you get it. Be careful, however, it just accompanies 8 bullets so you shouldn't waste them.

Apex Legends Kraber

Light machine gun: Spitfire

This one has got a good fire rate and each shot causes 20 damage to the body and 40 damage to the head. The DPS is ranged at 80 and the fact that it excels at either short and long range makes it a great all-round weapon. Each clip contains a total of 35 heavy bullets.

Submachine gun: Prowler Burst

The Prowler can be compelling to you as the best assistant if you prefer a burst gun over an automatic one. It has a 5-round burst and good recoil level to help you keep your accuracy and excel at medium range.

Assault rifle: R-301

Being different than other classes of guns, AR really depends on preference and personal opinion. Although, This gun gives you a decent mix of mobility and usability.

The damage may be a little bit weaker than the others but it is easy to use with little to no recoil at all. R-301 may be the best choice for the newbies of the game if they haven't figured out their favorite style.

Sniper: Triple Take

Because the Kraber is hard to find, the 2nd best alternative for it can be Triple Take based on its great damage of 69 to the body and 138 to the head.

Though it has some minor side effects such as it uses energy armor or small clip containing only 5 bullets, it is still a decent gun and can be deadly as long as you are accurate enough.

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