Apex Legends is a free battle royale game, published by Electronic Arts developed by Respawn Entertainment. Although it has just been launched in February 4th this year, it is one of the most popular game nowadays as it has been released in several versions such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft.

1Apex Legends is said to have a bug in the bullet’s travel time and speed

Today, an account on Reddit uploaded a picture showing the difference bullet speed of the Triple Take, the Kraber, The G7 Scout and the Longbow – 4 Apex Sniper Rifles. In other words, the first bullet may be slower or faster than the next one.

It is common as different weaponry have distinct bullet travel times and bullet speeds in comparison to each other. However, it is unique if there are different bullets and different bullet travel times in one weapon. And it is proven to happen for real by an Apex Legends player.

2The graph shows the difference between the first, second and third bullet travel time in each sniper

All 4 snipers were shot in order to calculate the time the first, second and third bullet spend to travel to the target. The target is 200m far. The average travel time of G7 Scout was 225ms. However, the first shot traveled in 180ms in order to reach the target, and the next bullet took 240ms, the last one spent 250ms.

The more you shot with G7 Scout, the longer it takes to hit the target. However, it is not an outstanding matter. A similar thing also happens to Kraber. Nevertheless, if we measure the Longbow and Triple Take travel time in milliseconds, the differences seem unclear, but if we calculate the long-range shots, there will be a massive dissimilarity.

3The developer said it is not intended to have different patterns in bullet travel time and speed

Sean, one of Apex Legends developer crew, responded in this arguable topic and declared that this is not done on purpose. It is common for energy bullets like Triple Take’s move faster than bullets from G7 Scout, yet the difference in speed of the bullets in one gun is not expected at all.

Apex Legends did not announce anything else if this problem could be solved or investigated. Sniping in the game could have some inconsistent from afar until then.