An automobile accident just happened to the number one Apex Legends Twitch streamer Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek. Apparently, the accident was from his scooter.

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Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek

We were first informed about the incident via the stream and Twitter account of Justin 'Jus9n' Ortiz – a full-time streamer and a former CS:GO pro player like Shroud. On March 11th Jus9n announced on his stream that Shroud got into an accident and he was checking up and helping Shroud with the accident.

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Tweets from Jus9n informing the situation

In the meantime, Shroud also informed his viewers about the accident on his Twitter account.

According to the tweets by Shroud and Jus9n, the accident seemed to be serious because they had to take Shroud to the emergency room. Later on Shroud had to go through a surgery on his elbow.

This is really sad news for Shroud and his fans. Just a few couples of days ago, Shroud announced that he has reached the milestone of 100k subscribers on Twitch. This is a fantastic number, and he has grown his viewership by streaming the recent hot hit Apex Legends.

However, after the surgery on his elbow, Shroud’s situation seemed not to be too dangerous. He has made some tweets to inform his fans about the circumstance.

Although Shroud did not make it absolutely clear for us to know exactly what happened with him and how long would it take for him to come back, we can still sign with relief thanks to Shroud’s positive tweets.

We also have to mention that Jus9n was really helpful in this accident of Shroud. These two guys have been friends since they were CS:GO pro players, and it was Jus9n who informed us of the situation first. If not for the help of Jus9n, things could have been worse, and we might have to wait longer to see Shroud coming back to streaming.

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