Astral Chain is the latest hack-n-slash game from the developer Platinum Games. The game was previously unveiled this February, and in E3, the developer has brought us more looks on the game.

The latest trailer of the game is here, you can see it for yourself:

From the creators of Nier: Automata and Bayonetta

Astral Chain will be the child of Takahisa Taura - the developer behind the Platinum Games' big hit in 2017 - Nier: Automata. Under the supervision of Hideki Kamiya - the creator of Bayonetta, Astral Chain will be a very promising title!

The concept of this game was set in a future world. After a devastating global disaster, the survival gathered together and build up a megacity namely "The Ark".

With many modern technology achievements, it's human's last chance to survive, as they have to face the threat of distinction. Against the interdimensional attack of the mysterious species- Chimeras, the planet's fate is lying in the hand of the special force.

The special police force is carrying human's last chance
The special police force is carrying human's last chance

With years of research, people have invented the "ultimate counter-Chimeras weapons" - Legions, and will fight their ways to protect themselves!

Will the Legions help them to defeat the alien invasion? Or the whole world will be dragged into the Chimeras' dimension?

Astral Chain Heading To Switch In August 6
It depends entirely on you!

About the gameplay

Astral Chain still provides the mecha-style hack-n-slash gameplay. You can choose to take control of one of the twin sibling Legionis rookies. Through the trailer, it seems that both of the characters will take part in the whole game process, so we can infer that if you choose one, the other will be your coordinance.

You'll control one of the twins Legionis
You'll control one of the twin Legionis

You'll be equipped with Legion - the devices that can take control of the Chimeras and command it by your own will (or should I call it the "astral chain"). The weapon provides you with a lot of potentials. It includes distinctive styles of attacks with different Chimeras you control, allows you to perform different stylish combos.

Perform epic combos with your Chimera
Perform epic combos with your Chimera

Additionally, you can use the Chimera to solve some puzzles as well. For example, in the trailer, the protagonist will be able to walk on the platform created by the Chimera to walk past the cleft. The Chimeras will definitely the key part of Astral Chain's gameplay!

Your Chimeras play an irreplacable role in the game
Your Chimeras play an irreplaceable role in the game

However, we can see from the trailer that you can only wield one Chimera at a time. It still remains unclear about which Chimeras you could tame, and what's the maximum amounts of Chimera you can control.

It looks like you can control one Chimera at a time
It looks like you can control one Chimera at a time

But in the game from Platinum, made by Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, we can things to be over the top!

Official release date of Astral Chain

At its first announcement in February, the developers hadn't informed about the official release date. And after four months, until today, it was confirmed: Astral Chain will head to Nintendo Switch August 30.

Fans that can't wait for any second to receive their copies can pre-order the game right now with the price of $59.99.

Stay tuned to Gurugamer to get immediate information when the game is out!