Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently working on by the infamous Larian Studios, the brain behind Divinity Original Sin series’ success. It is an epic turn-based combat RPG – the sequel 20 years in the making for the Bioware classics.

The opening cinematic for the game was released yesterday and it is nothing short of stunning. From the technical details to cinematography, it is definitely a high budget project. However, the true spectacle of the show is the richly detailed horrifying dragons – one of the signature creatures of the setting.

Dragon vs Tentacled monsters is a rather unexpected battle

This is definitely a great addition to the first trailer of the game, with the returns of chaos and tentacled mind flayers. Besides the opening cinematics, there are also a lot of screenshots and even a live gameplay demo video that depicts various gameplay elements that we are going to explore in the below section.

Baldur's Gate 3 is going to be just Divinity 2's engine and system with a new coat of paint - that is rather appropriate, as the Divinity series was inspired by the classic RPGs in the first place. The character creation process in this game is going to be extensive - players would be able to juggle between numerous options such as races, origin story, classes, starting abilities... for the most immersive experience possible. The early access version of the game would launch with 6 classes and 5 origins - this is similar to the approach of the first Divinity game. While early access is often regarded as a bad thing to do - Larian has pulled it off once before and they will probably do it again.

Baldurs Gate 3 29
This is literally Divinity 2's combat system but with some modifications

The combat system of the game would be a mix between XCom and Divinity 2, with both sides taking turns to attack. The spell systems were designed based on the previous Baldur's Gate games and Divinity games - you can select from a huge variety of magic, from game-breaking like calling down meteors to mundane like creating a pool of water.

Baldurs Gate 3 Gameplay Is Based On Dd 5th Edition
The camera would be very flexible - you can pick between the usual isometric view or the "behind the shoulder" view

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