With just over a month until the game’s official release date, it looks like the developers have decided to spike up the hype by leaking some more snippets of the game. A big collection of screenshots of RE 3 Remake has just been released. The screenshots contain a lot of details – with a majority of them being up-close look at the zombies and other enemies.

Resident Evil 3 Image 2
The Nemesis would be much more dangerous than Mr. X ever was

In most of the pictures with Nemesis, we can see the creature stalking Jill, sometimes with a flamethrower. The fact that Nemesis can use weapons is a huge upgrade over Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X, who can only punch the players. And if they brought everything back from the original Resident Evil 3, the Nemesis is going to get a Gatling gun and a rocket launcher as well.

Resident Evil 3 Image 19

The other two creatures that were shown in the pictures are a huge worm-like monster, with rows of teeth and big spider-like creatures. The worm is more likely to be the original Grave Digger in Resident Evil 3, redesigned. The spider-like creatures should also be a redesign of the giant spider as well, with more zombie-like touch added to its original looks.

Resident Evil 3 Image 37
Concept arts for Jill Valentine - with a much sexier HD look

There are also some images of the player characters from the multiplayer component of RE3, Resident Evil Resistance, included in the leak. Most of those pictures featuring Becca Woolett and Carlos Olivera, in their struggle against hordes of zombies. Below is the reveal trailer for Resident Evil 3.

Concept art for Nemesis:

Resident Evil 3 Image 39
Nemesis looks much different than his original appearance in Resident Evil 3

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