Securing a residence should be the initial priority for any GTA Online player. Given the game's competitive nature where players often target each other with powerful equipment, beginning with modest accommodations and upgrading to top-notch apartments is advisable. Selecting the best apartments in GTA Online is crucial for a strong start in terms of levels, wealth, and reputation. While there are numerous apartment choices, only a few stand out as the finest. Several aspects, including location, interior quality, and cost, must be taken into account when purchasing an apartment in GTA Online.

1. Del Perro Heights, Apt. 7

Del Perro Heights Apt 7
Del Perro Heights, Apt. 7
  • Location : Del Perro, North Los Santos
  • Price : $200,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Del Perro Heights, Apt. 7, categorized as a High-End Apartment, equips players with all essentials to embark on their GTA Online journeys. Priced affordably at $200,000, it's conveniently situated in North Los Santos, ideal for budding rockstars.

This welcoming residence offers serene views and surroundings, enhancing the player's experience. Additionally, it provides opportunities for increased earnings, enabling players to plan heists and maximize their income through the Heist Planning Room in GTA Online.

2. Master Penthouse

Gta Online Casino Penthouse Cropped
Master Penthouse
  • Location : Diamond Casino & Resort
  • Price : $1,5000,000 from the Diamond Casino & Resort website

The Master Penthouse stands as the pinnacle of luxury in GTA Online, representing the most opulent and costly investment available. For players seeking the epitome of wealth and indulgence, this exclusive destination is unmatched. However, entry into the Master Penthouse requires a substantial financial commitment, especially considering the substantial investments needed for upgrades, totaling over $6,000,000.

By fully embracing the Master Penthouse experience, players gain access to Diamond Casino missions from Ms. Baker, as well as immediate entry into the Casino's VIP slots. Moreover, players can further showcase their affluence by acquiring these additional penthouse amenities:

  • Extra Bedroom: $200,000
  • Garage: $900,000
  • Lounge Area: $400,000
  • Office: $200,000
  • Media Room: $500,000
  • Spa: $600,000
  • Private Dealer: $1,065,000
  • Bar and Party Hub: $700,000

3. 4 Integrity Way, Apt. 28

4 Integrity Way Apt 28
4 Integrity Way, Apt. 28
  • Location : Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos
  • Price : $476,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Situated in Downtown Los Santos, this apartment, priced at $476,000, offers a reasonably affordable option in the bustling city. The area, known for its friendliness, provides ample exploration opportunities, including the prominent Maze Bank building, underscoring the significance of wealth in GTA Online.

Featuring a 10-vehicle garage, this apartment provides generous space for a collection of thrilling cars. Additionally, players can engage in various missions in GTA Online, facilitated by the presence of a Heist Planning Room within the apartment.

4. Eclipse Towers, Apt 3

Eclipse Towers Apt 3
Eclipse Towers, Apt 3
  • Location : Rockford Hills, North Los Santos
  • Price : $500,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Similar to its counterparts in Eclipse Tower Apartments, this particular unit is situated within the same building, offering a more budget-friendly option yet with equivalent challenges. While players don't have the freedom to customize the interior of Eclipse Towers, Apt 3, they can take advantage of the perks, including a Heist Planning Room.

As previously noted, Eclipse Towers is a risky spot due to its popularity among griefers. Nonetheless, for just $500,000 and a 10-vehicle garage, it presents a reasonable choice for those desiring the Eclipse Towers experience without crossing the million-dollar threshold.

5. 2044 North Conker Avenue

2044 North Conker Avenue
2044 North Conker Avenue
  • Location : Vinewood Hills, North Los Santos
  • Price : $762,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Indulging in luxury is a key aspect of the GTA Online experience, and the ability to afford apartments like the one on 2044 North Conker Avenue proves that crime can indeed be profitable. With a hefty price tag of $762,000, players can revel in the satisfaction of residing in a stunning home accompanied by an even more breathtaking view.

This kind of apartment is meant for players who possess both the financial means and the taste for extravagance. With a 10-vehicle storage capacity, they have the opportunity to wisely invest their wealth in acquiring exquisite cars to complement their upscale lifestyle.

6. 3655 Wild Oats Drive

3655 Wild Oats Drive
3655 Wild Oats Drive
  • Location : Vinewood Hills, North Los Santos
  • Price : $800,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Stilt House Apartments offer a semblance of normalcy in GTA Online, making them an attractive choice for players. However, the drawback is the absence of a Heist Planning Room. This particular Stilt House Apartment, priced significantly at $800,000, provides storage for 10 vehicles.

The scenic views from this location, showcasing the beauty of Vinewood Hills, allow players to relish the sights without the interference of griefers or bothersome missions. It serves as an elegant refuge for players who have amassed their wealth.

7. 0115 Bay City Avenue, Apt 45

0115 Bay City Avenue Apt 45
0115 Bay City Avenue, Apt 45
  • Location : La Puerta, West Los Santos
  • Price : $150,000on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

One of the mid-range options available for purchase in GTA Online is Apartment 45 at 0115 Bay City Avenue. While this apartment doesn't offer any special interior features, its affordable price of $150,000 makes it an excellent choice for players seeking a summer residence, even if the exterior isn't the most attractive.

Situated in La Puerta, West Los Santos, this apartment is conveniently close to Vespucci Beach. Equipped with a 6-vehicle garage, it's just a brief stroll from a helicopter spawn point and a short drive from the beach and airport. This setting provides a peaceful retreat away from the cutthroat characters often encountered in GTA Online.

8. 140 Zancudo Avenue

140 Zancudo Avenue
140 Zancudo Avenue
  • Location : Sandy Shores, Blaine County
  • Price : $120,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

Considering that players have the option to own multiple apartments, it might be wise to invest in different locations. Having apartments scattered too far apart doesn't make sense. Therefore, owning one situated deep in the desert of Sandy Shores, far from the hustle and bustle of Los Santos, can be a prudent choice, especially for those who enjoy off-road vehicles.

Sandy Shores offers a peaceful atmosphere with minimal violence. Despite having only a 2-vehicle garage, the affordable price tag of $120,000 makes it an attractive choice for players seeking a desert retreat, away from the hectic city life. In the grand scheme of things in GTA Online, it certainly won't be the most expensive purchase.

9. Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 3

Eclipse Towers Penthouse Suite 3
Eclipse Towers, Penthouse Suite 3
  • Location : Rockford Hills, North Los Santos
  • Price : $1,100,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

The priciest apartment available in GTA Online begins at approximately $1,100,000. Despite its exorbitant cost, it earns a spot on the list due to its status as a must-have residence at least once in a player's gaming journey. This location represents an accomplishment, a place so renowned that it comes with its share of drawbacks.

Situated in Rockford Hills, North Los Santos, this apartment is incredibly sought after due to its high price. Unfortunately, it's a popular target for other players, often leading to confrontations outside its doors. However, boasting a 10-car garage and customized interiors, it offers an appealing space as long as the player remains safely indoors.

10. 12 Sustancia Road

Collage Maker 09 Oct 2023 02 24 Pm 2439
12 Sustancia Road
  • Location : El Burro Heights, East Los Santos
  • Price : $143,000 on Dynasty 8 Real Estate

This 6-car garage apartment might lack extravagance, but it’s ideal for players seeking a local stronghold. Positioned on Sustancia Road, far from the typical criminal hotspots in Los Santos, this location offers a sense of security, allowing players to freely explore the neighborhood or indulge in imaginary activities like walking a non-existent dog. The interior is reasonably tidy, reflecting a more modest dwelling suitable for a criminal who prefers simplicity over the opulence of penthouses.

This residence stands apart from other apartments, garages, and facilities, situated to the far east of Los Santos. This isolation grants players the freedom to enjoy this side of the map without the constant threat of fighter jets or disruptive vehicles like the Oppressor MK2. It's a mid-tier property deserving recognition, especially for players who have already mastered the game's heists. Consider this purchase if you've conquered the challenges of the game.

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