From the name itself, we can assume that Brassheart takes their sentient robots with metal tech spin-off from the 1920s as inspiration. In this upcoming point-and-click adventure title, you will have lots of things work with these AIs. However, be careful to judge as these AIs might or might not be on your side.

Be ready to encounter many AIs in the form of robots in Brassheart.

For example, the chirpy Pascal is one of our friends who accompanies Pola, our protagonist. Meanwhile, on the other side of the battle, there’s an out-of-control AI that kidnapped its maker, Pola’s father. In the trailer below, you can hear how Pola herself explain the backstory of Brassheart.

Don’t worry,” Pola said on the official game website, “I’m sure that nothing bad could happen, probably.” Well, this is definitely what we call a “big mood.”

Game concept

Brassheart takes place in a 1920s-inspired world.

In fact, it’s very intriguing with the game’s concept. The game follows the idea, saying that progress can make things worse. Clearly, it’s not ideal to surround yourself among a bunch of malevolent metal beings, whisking away the real people in the real world. However, on the official game website, they also address the “global turmoil” back in the 1920s, a world of 100 years away from us right now. Therefore, we can totally pay some attention to this setup.

Gameplay overview

Brassheart features puzzles to solve in a traditional point and click gameplay.

Apparently, you will puzzle your way through the settings in Brassheart, one way or another. Pola, the main protagonist will track the clues from her father and attempt to figure them out. She has to find out what her father broke and try to fix it, with traditional point-and-click playstyle.

In addition to the main storyline with Pola, there are mini-games to try out as well.

In addition, Brassheart also hints at some playable mini-games like “fixing mechanisms”. Besides the main story, these mini-games are definitely a plus to try out.

All in all, we should expect Brassheart to release within 2019, according to schedule. As for now, you can check for more details of the game on Steam.

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