Nearly four months ago, the developer G-Mode Corporation has announced their re-imagined title - BurgerTime Party! The original BurgerTime game was a 2002's arcade game, and now, it's coming to Switch with much more splendid visuals!

However, at our previous coverage, there isn't any specific release date of the game. But now, as time goes by, we only have to wait for one more month to dive in this tasty adventure. Unfortunately, the publisher XSEED didn't release any teaser for this announcement.

But here's the trailer back from E3 2019, which you can have a look at here:

About BurgerTime Party!

Chef Peter Pepper is back in HD to join the food-maniac. Chef Pepper's Burger is the pressing issue in town right now, so he's facing a lot of challenges inventing the new one. And from a huge mistake of not being able to handle the heat, the ingredients have escaped. They're ready to roast their revenge in the ultimate appetite battle!

In this action-puzzle remake, Chef Peter Pepper and his friends will have to make some Jumbo-side hamburgers which are almost five-time bigger than him. However, his "edible enemies" won't let him go through that easy.

Burgertime Party! Launched October 8 1
Avoid the food and smack the slices of bread and meats down!

Hence, our chef will have to sneak away from them, stepping on the meat and the bread, bring it down to the floor and complete his missions. Furthermore, in some sticky situation where you can't get out, you can stun the foods with his pepper spray, but you can't rely on it too much.

Last but not least, you can either play solo or with friends, as well as play against the food or as the food. BurgerTime Party! supports up to 4 player co-op or against each other at the same time, so enjoy your endless couch-play fun!

Burgertime Party Launched October 8 2
There's a game mode where you can play as the food against the chef

Release date

Even though the developer G-Mode didn't reveal BurgerTime Party!'s official release date by themselves, their retailing partners, including Amazon and Best Buy have done it for them.

I don't know that's a leak or a normal strategy with XSeed's consent, but the game will come out for Switch on October 8 in Japan. This version supports multiple language options, including Japanese, English, Spanish, French, and German.

Burgertime Party Launched October 8 3
BurgerTime Party! will launch on October 8 worldwide

Western players will also receive the game on the same day as well. BurgerTime Party will launch with both physical and digital version through the hands of XSEED Games.