XSeed is planning to bring more foes to its E3 line-up with another title: BurgerTime Party!

The game has been announced for Switch with a colorful Cuphead-animated style trailer, and you can watch it right below:

BurgerTime Party! is the revamp of 1982's classic title

BurgerTime Party is a re-imagine title inspired by the classic arcade game of Data East - BurgerTime in 1982. The game is the product from co-operating developers XSeed Games and G-Mode Corporation.

In BurgerTime Party, you can see the comeback of the legendary chef Peter Pepper. This time, Peter will join the quests in an HD single-screen platformer (it's 2019, duh). As the job of a chef, he has to make giant burgers that are merely five times bigger than him.

BurgerTime Party
Peter Pepper is back with many tasty actions!

But the angry food items won't let go through. They will make their ways to chase and stop Peter, so our chef has to multi-task: running, stacking ingredients and serve them as fast as possible. To make it easier, Peter has the ability to stun his enemies with his pepper shaker. However, players can't depend on it too much, as you can do it very few times per round.

The game's levels will not be
The game's levels will not be "spoon-fed" to you

Fighting with edible enemies is never easy, right! But how about fighting AS the edible enemies? The developers also let you play against Chef Peter and the cooking crew too. You can take control of the Food Foes, and try to stop the chefs and conquer the kitchen.

Burgers! Assemble!
Burgers! Assemble!

That is the brand new experience that we can only have with this revamp!

As primed with a statement encouraging players to think "outside of the bun"  to deal with "bite-sized puzzles like crumbling floors, oil spills, and freezing ladders", BurgerTime Party will be a fascinating experience playing with your friends on Switch.

The game supports up to 4 players playing at the same time, so you can choose to go solo or join hands to handle the over 100 stages of the game!

Playing with friends is even more fun
Playing with friends is even more fun!

The pizzas are coming to the West

BurgerTime Party! is still under development, and the developers are planning for a fall 2019 release.

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