Call of Duty: Warzone is the new beast in the guillotine of Battle Royale so far, and it's predicted that it will rapidly climb to the top of the genre in no time. The game has benefited a lot from the Coronavirus outbreak, surpassing 15 million players last week, and with India's total lockdown, that number will rise to a new height very soon.

Since you couldn't get out of the house anyway, CoD: Warzone is actually a great one to pick up to kill your time. It's incredibly fun to play, especially with its unique features that you could not find out in any battle royale game in the market right now like the Gulag, the Loadouts and the Contract systems - all of which are perfect to gradually pick up in the next 20 days at home.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 1
The Gulag is the special feature allows you to fight for your second chance in the main battle

However, not everyone can afford enough friends to go full squad to take part in a Squad match. So if you're taking part in a one-vs-squad challenge, or if you just don't have a friend to play with (sad face) but still wants to play in Squad mode, here are the best 10 Call of Duty: Warzone tips that you must remember to dominate the battlefield on your own.

These tips will be helpful in case you're going solo and also when all of your teammates are dead too. Let's dive into it with us right away, but before that, here's the trailer of Call of Duty: Warzone to inspire you to get into it right away. Let's have a look below:

1. Play wisely

Now, this seems too obvious that you need to use your wit, not your muscles in an outnumbered match, so this one is kind of useless. But think again, not everyone could resist that inner voice running inside their heads, urging them to do the most stupid things ever. Those situations might be jumping out of your shelter to flex your shooting skills, go for Loadouts drop while you don't have enough information, and so on.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 3
Going out for one-vs-all for no reasons is definitely not a good choice

While that could be entertaining for the lockdown days, it doesn't help with winning your match at all. You're the only hope of your team or yourself now, so you'll need to do the best you can in certain circumstances. And the only key to that in the one-vs-squad matches are playing wisely. Use your head to think of what you should and must not, and do what it tells you.

2. Be the unexpected factor

In Call of Duty: Warzone, follow the rules will not allow you to win under outnumbered circumstances. This might sounds conflict with the first tip above, but sometimes, you will have to take calculated risk to stir the battle up and find your chance in the middle of the chaotic situation.

Let's take this one as an example. You're holding your tight angle in a house while suddenly a team of three trying to invade your house. The rules here is to keep yourself from doing any stupid things, but it can be too late even though you manage to kill one of them, since your location will be exposed.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 7
You can pop out of nowhere and wipe their whole squad with surprise factors

So, instead of waiting for your dead, there are several things you can do in that situation. You can find a way to sneak out from the house without ringing their bells, or you can pop out of your locations to make use of your surprise factor. Of course, this can immediately backfire, but if you don't do anything, you are likely to die anyway. So, take your risks, but in a reasonable way.

3. Always try to change your location

As I've mentioned earlier, staying and holding at one spot might not be beneficial for you in the one-vs-squad situation. You only have the angle of one person, and it's impossible to keep your eyes on every possible route that the enemies will invade you through. And once your location is exposed, the other teams can just send more people to you and dominate you.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 6
Move out of your location if it's exposed

It's still possible to hold your spot with a decent amount of explosive, but that's for the luckiest case. In most of the other circumstances, you'll have to abandon your position often to seek for a better spot, even though you might take some risks doing so. There isn't always a safe choice in Call of Duty: Warzone, so don't be too afraid to take them.

4. Make the best use of your money

Going solo in Call of Duty: Warzone is when you can be luxurious with all the money you've got. Normally, you will have to consider when to buy and which to buy to save the money for your teammate. But when there's no teammate around, you can feel free to use that money to make yourself a moving fortress.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 9
Buy everything you want in the Buy Station, but always prioritize Suppressors and UAZ

If you have intended to go solo vs squad, be sure that you re-arrange your Loadouts presets beforehand. We have an article on the best Loadouts sets for Call of Duty: Warzone, which you can find the best Perks and Weapons for certain situations. Don't hesitate to throw away the team supporting perks, and focus mainly on your potential to carry.

5. Prioritize close-range weapons and Perks

Speaking about the Loadouts, we can't skip out on how important your guns could be if you're soloing. The chance of you winning a mid to far-range battle is very vague, and you will also face a lot of problems getting out of the surrounded situation on your own. The best chance you can do so is to utilize your best weapons for close-range fights, in which you can use chaotic factors to strike fast and strike hard.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 10
SMGs will work better if you're intended to go solo against squads

Of course, no gun classes are better than SMG at this point. Arguably, a Legendary Shotgun might, but it requires you to be extremely precise with your shots, and your second chance might not come if you miss the first one. The best SMG for close-range fights is, of course, the MP9, but it's only achievable through the Loadouts drops. You can use another SMG with extended mag instead, and they will work magic for you!

6. The rooftops are your best holding position

Holding is not the best option when it comes to solo-vs-squad, especially if you're intended to ambush in a closed area. But there is only one exception that you can make this strategy work out: holding on the roof of a building. In fact, it's the best place if you want to settle for a while to gain more information for your next move for multiple reasons:

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 10
Holding on rooftops is the strategy pros are abusing, and it is really useful!

The first reason is that you can lay down or even mount your weapon without getting spotted by enemies. This will allow you to gather useful information while staying decently safe, and if something goes wrong, you can always jump off the roof to escape. It might take away some of your HP (maybe all), but at least you can still stay alive. Not too high stakes for high rewards - that's the best trade you can ask for.

7. Try to fight in the middle of two other sides

Going god-mode and eliminate all players of a team by yourself is very unlikely to happen, so why don't we make use of a third force? They can play the role of a bigger threat for the other team, and they will drop their guard toward you, allowing you to run away or perform some crazy plays while they're not expecting.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 8
Maybe you're can sneak around in a D-tour to flank your enemies when they're not cautious about you

This will result in several free kills, and if you're on your best day, it's very possible to kill the whole team and still get out alive. Of course, situations like this can turn into another story, where you're stuck in the bullet lines of several teams, and there is only one outcome for that: play a new match.

So, in order to pull the best outcomes out of those scenarios, you'll need the next tip!

8. Patience is the key

Along with playing wisely, play patiently is also another important tip to keep in mind when going solo-vs-squad in Call of Duty: Warzone. Keep in mind that patience is not indecisive, which means you must wait for your chance to strike, and once it comes, you must take it right away. If it shows no signs of coming, then you can also have to strike regardless of the results.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 5
Be patient to wait for your chance, and take it as quickly as possible when it comes!

But in case you can afford to wait and you have high trust on your mechanical processes, don't afraid to challenge yourself. There's no better feeling than outwitting and outgunning their whole teams, and in order to do that, you'll have to pick up your enemies one-by-one, maybe let one go at some point to kill the whole squad from the dark, or sets some traps to drop their HP first to even out the battle.

9. Buy UAVs if you can

If you could reach a sky drop and have some decent money with you, always look for the UAV. It's one of the most useful things in Call of Duty: Warzone that you can get from the drop, especially in the solo or two-player squad, maybe the must-have thing to get you a win. Not only does a vehicle allows you to get inside the play zone, the UAV is also very big, powerful and protective.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 11
Always opt for a UAV via Drops if you have the money, it's very crucial for your Victory Royale

Specifically, you can use it for multiple purposes, including ramping on to the enemies, use it as a blocking stone in an open area, or just the safer means of travel. Comparing with other vehicles, it's the best one that you can use for solo purposes, and don't forget to save it for the most needed times.

10. Use Suppressors

Last but not least, always use suppressors when you're trying to pick a fight. Some people really underestimate the uses of the suppressors, but you can't be among them if you're going solo in the squad mode. Information is very crucial in CoD: Warzone, and everyone tries to hide theirs while searching for the others' to gain advantages before getting into battles.

Call Of Duty Warzone Solo Vs Squad Tips 12
The suppressors will hide your location if you take part in a gunfight, which will buy you some time

Remember that you don't have anyone to cover you in case you expose your information, so you'd better not to. And the Suppressors is the best tool to help you to do so, hiding your gun sounds from the radar, and keep your location away from the enemies. Of course, this doesn't mean that the enemies around will not know you're there, but any seconds you can buy matters in this tough battlefield.


Going solo in Call of Duty: Warzone means you only have one chance to come back to the battle through the Gulag, and unable to experience the teamwork in Warzone is a huge loss. So, if you want to get many Victory Royale going solo in the Squad mode, you'll have to strictly follow our 10 tips above.

Gurugamer also has many other tips and tricks to help you with Call of Duty: Warzone, so don't forget to check them out in our section here. Enjoy yourself at home, and stay safe!