Call of Duty: Warzone is the phenomenon of the battle royale market, surpassing 15 million players only with three days of release. The reasons for that striking popularity are its unique features, including the Gulag, the team resurrecting purchase and of course, we couldn't miss out on the Loadouts.

If you're new to this game, the Loadouts are the special equipment including guns, armors, and perks that are not achievable by any means rather than buying it from the Buy Stations using your money. But unlike the random Sky drops from PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends, you can choose whatever you want to buy from the station that exists in your pre-created sets of Loadouts, as long as you have money.

Call Of Duty Warzone Tips 11
The loadouts are the titular features of Call of Duty: Warzone

As a result, it's very important to know the best loadouts from each type to bring it to your list before each battle. So here we are, introducing the best loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone for every type, so that you can customize your own sets and gain the optimum result on the unforgiving battlefield!

But before getting into the detail, let's have a look at the gameplay trailer of Call of Duty: Warzone first to inspire you to download it right away! Don't forget that you can still get free characters in Call of Duty Mobile including John 'Price', Ghost and Gaz just by downloading CoD: Warzone!

Best Perks Loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone

Let's start with the Perks first, since it's the more unfamiliar thing toward the players. It's the brand new feature that Call of Duty: Warzone introduced to the battle royale genre, which is basically power-ups with multiple effects. At this time, you could not get those perks from any source rather than the loadout drops.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 3
There are 18 perks in Call of Duty: Warzone in total

And since there are tons of them, here are the best ones that you must put in your loadout presets, in case you don't have the time to try all of them. Put in mind that there are some perks that will have different effects when you play in either solo or multiplayer mode, such as the Kill Chain. For the most detailed information, you can find them in the 'Edit Loadout' menu.

Without further ado, let's get right into the first one:

Double Time

Double Time has two effects, which are equally useful in almost every situation. First of all, it boosts the duration of Tactical Sprint by twice, allowing you to run at high speed for a longer time. It's extremely useful in the case you have to run into the circle, since every second matter, and you would not want to die out of the playzone. Overall, this effect could win you a match in even the worst situation, not to mention its help in area raids as well.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 5
Double Time allows you to sprint longer, and crouch-move faster

That's when we have to mention the second effect of Double Time: increase your movement speed when crouching by 30%. While the first effect is mainly for the run, this one is very handy in close-up battles, especially in houses (which often happens in end-game situations). It allows players to silently approach loots or your foes and take them down with our satisfying execution and their utter surprise.


Scavenger's effect is very simple: you will automatically resupply your ammo while standing near an enemies' dead body. This effect takes place automatically even when that enemy was looted by other players beforehand, and it even gives ammo for the special guns that you get from the loadouts (buying guns from loadouts only gives attachments, but not bonus ammo).


Players successfully achieve Overkill can hold two primaries at the same time. I'm not going to say much about how useful this is since you can carry a sniper and an assault rifle at the same time is just too valuable.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 6
Overkill helps you carry a second primary weapon

However, some people are against this choice, arguing that they could get such an additional one from a dead body, and they can save this slot for their personal choice.


A great bonus for Overkill that you need to bring is Amped. Basically, it makes you switch between your primary weapons much faster, and also reduce the reloading time of the Rocket Launcher. Even if you don't use Overkill, this perk is also worth a slot, since it's effective for every two-weapon users.

Keep in mind that it will not affect the switching times of pistols and knives.

Kill Chain

As I've mentioned, Kill Chain is a special perk that has different effects based on the play modes you are playing. For solo players, Kill Chain boosts the chance of finding killstreaks in the supply loots. If you haven't heard about it yet, Killstreak is basically a reward for you if you manage to kill a series of enemies in a row, which gives out a lot of useful items.

For example, one of the most useful items that the killstreaks give out is the UAV - a plane that provides you with information on the enemies' movements. Some could also be used to deal direct damage to your enemies, including a Precision Airstrike, which rains missiles on top of your foes.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 8
The UAV gives you information about the location and movements of your enemies

This one is basically a must-have since you can buy it for a cheap price at the Buy Station, and it's extremely useful!


Since almost everyone is going to bring Kill Chain with their loadout sets, the only thing that protects you from the UAV scouting is Ghost. It's a perk that allows you to be invisible toward not only the UAV but also another META item - Heartbeat Sensors as well.

Not giving out your information is the key leading to your successful raid, hides or your overall plan.


Along with the Heartbeat Sensors, Thermal Optics are also the most over-powered items in the game right now. As its name implies, this item allows players to track their enemy by observing their movement with their heat, and that's when Cold-blooded comes into action. It allows you to escape the scan of Thermal Optic.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 9
Thermal Optics helps you see through objects, which is too OP if you don't have Cold-blooded

Tune Up

Literally make you revive faster, this one is currently exploited for easy wins without any counter-play just yet. In numbers, Tune Up helps you revive 25% faster, which can be exploited by teammates to stay out of the play zone as long as they want. All they have to do is to time their downs outside play zone, so that they can revive their members before they go down themselves.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 7
Tune Up currently helps players staying out of the play zone forever!

It's impossible to counter this play since you will have to know their exact location, and brought your gas their to eliminate them, which is extremely hard to pull out. This 'bug' will be fixed soon by Activision, but even so, Tune Up is still a priceless perk, as every second's matter in the battleground.


Another information provider, Tracker allows you to see the footprints of enemies. It's very helpful for entering a complicated area, and will be even more helpful with the foot sounds is coming to the game through the next update.

However, it's even better than that, as Tracker also denies enemies' information as well. The position of every person you killed will not be shown to their teammates, so that you can feel at ease to hide in the darkness.

Best Guns Loadouts

We've gone through the perks that are more effective than the remaining, and here are the guns and its attachments that are very handy if you can afford:

Semi-machine guns (SMGs)

Overall, SMGs are not ideal to be your primary weapons. Even though they're almost unmatched for close-up situations with its fast bullet-releasing and insane accuracy, most battles in Call of Duty: Warzone happens in the open areas, in which case they are heavily outclassed by the Assault Rifles.

However, there are still some S-tier SMGs from the Loadouts that can still match your need for a primary weapon. Let's find out about them below:

  • MP7: The best SMGs of the game so far, the MP7 outdoes every gun in close range with its insane speed and accuracy. In mid-range battles, it's also very powerful, especially with some attachments to boost its stability like Monolithic Suppressor and Commando Foregrip. Together with Overkill and Cold-Blooded, it's the perfect combination for rapid raiding and looting.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 10
MP7 is the best SMG in Cod: Warzone

  • MP5: Like the previous one, the MP5 is also very powerful in frantic situations, in which you can destroy your enemies at ease with the close and mid-range battles. Its attachments are also very familiar, but we highly recommend Subsonic Integral Suppressor and Ranger Foregrip. The perks working the best with it are Tracker and Ghost for silent elimination.

Assault Rifles (ARs)

As I've said, the Assault Rifles can be utilized in almost every situation, since they are relatively easy to use, and doesn't have any decent weaknesses at all. And among many ARs that you can choose for your loadouts, here are the ones that you can't go wrong with in any matches, which brought huge advantages for you as well!

  • M4A1

There must be a reason that this gun appears in almost every shooting game. Arguably the best gun of Call of Duty: Warzone overall, it can help you wipe out your enemies in nearly every situation, close-, mid -or long-range battles. It's even more powerful if you can get its attachments, even when it's nerfed recently.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 11
The M4 is too good not to put into your loadouts

Of course, M4A1 could not compete with other SMGs in close range, so it's your job to keep the battles decently far away from you. If you could find a safe place to mount the gun, then it's basically your area to control. It's fast, it's powerful, and its flexible - it has everything you need from a primary gun.

All you have to do is to find it a Suppressor and a Srippled Grip Tape, then the gun will work wonder for you. In case you will have to fight in close range, prepare a M19 pistol for your secondary weapon, and it's more than enough for a battle royale winner. You don't need to use Overkill with this set, and Ghost is a great alternative for stealthily to protect your location. But if you're keen on Overkill, getting an SMG for close-up encounters is not bad either!

  • Oden

A huge competitor for the M4, the Oden is another monster for its powers. With its power, some even used sniper scope on its for long-range battle as well. The only drawback that separates Oden from M4A4 is the heavy recoil and slow(er) speed that is hard to control for the newbies.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 12
People are using the Oden with sniper scopes as a sniper rifle!

So, before you get used to this gun, we highly recommend not trying the sniper approach with it yet. Instead, you can go with normal scope and red dot to take over the battle at mid and long-range first. If you can afford recoil adjusting attachments, it's nearly impossible to bet the Oden.

To make up for its weight and recoil, it's mandatory to bring Overkill and have another SMG or pistol for close fights. A P90 is perfect with the Oden. The Perks to go with this strategy is the Overkill-Amped combo for fast switching between guns, and Double Time to make up for its heavyweight.

Sniper Rifles - The HDR

Sniper Rifles are very powerful in Call of Duty: Warzone, especially with the weapon mounting mechanics bringing decent accuracy to your shots. However, snipers are not friendly toward every user, as it requires certain skills to master, not to mention that it's nearly useless if you get into close range with the enemies.

Hence, even though a sniper rifle can kill everyone with a bullet on the head regardless of their armor, it's not recommended to leave your loadouts with a sniper and nothing else for backup. Instead, getting a pistol in the early game is just too handy, which also allows you to shoot your enemies from the sky when unleashing your parachute as well.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 13
The HDR is by far the best sniper rifle in the game

And of all sniper rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone so far, we have found HDR to be the most dominant guns thanks to its accuracy, power and bullet velocity. With a decent scope and a silencer, you can master the battlefield from a very long range if you get used to aiming the gun down for better accuracy.

Overkill is perfect if you're an HDR user, as it opens the possibilities to bring another SMG or a fast-speed AR to help with the close-range battle. The one that we recommend you trying out is the Ram-7 - allowing you to kill people in a short time - may be the fastest in the game so far that can match up with almost every SMG. It also makes up for the mobility that you need for mid-range fights as well, and you need no more than that.


The last one and probably the one that least people take care of is the Light Machine Guns. Its heavyweight is somewhat too luxury in the battle, but if you can afford to do so, its ammunition and accuracy are something separating yours from other soldiers. However, you will need some stabilizing accessories to make it more viable in mid-range fights.

The one a lot of players are trusting on right now is the PKM - basically, a moving fortress that sprays bullets to cover your teammates nearly endlessly. At the same time, with the help of some attachments, you can get into close and mid-range quite well as well. But before the gun can reach such conditions, bringing Overkill and a shotgun is perfect to make you shine in the battles.

Call Of Duty Warzone Best Loadout Presets 14
The LMGs are very hard to use in CoD: Warfare, with the only exception - PKM

With its specialty, the PKM can easily get you a lot of kills, so bringing Kill Chain for the killstreaks is very worth it.


That's the end of our list on the best combination for your Loadout presets for Call of Duty: Warzone. Ultimately, how to arrange your Loadouts is solely depends on your play style and preferences, but the perks and the guns above are the more efficient ones and are viable in almost every situation, and many people are abusing them for their win.

Hopefully, you get more wins after reading our guides. And if you're new to Call of Duty: Warzone, don't forget to check for our tips to win games here and here, and keep updated with our CoD: Warzone section here. Enjoy!