On Nov 16, Capcom officially brought its classic shooter game Killer7 to PC 13 years after its original release.

Killer7's trailer

Back in September, NIS America dropped a trailer for the upcoming release of Killer7 on Steam. The trailer is quite short, lasting about 50 seconds, so do not expect to get much reveal from it. In particular, it shows the game's signature shaded graphics and first three assassins, including the Cleaner, the Hellion, and Four-Eyes. However, there was no clue of the publish date and price of the upcoming game.

Overview about Killer7

Killer7 is an action-adventure game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and first released by Capcom in 2005. Goichi Suda, also known as Suda51,  is the father of the game and Killer7 also set a milestone in his career.

Killer7 1112175
Killer7 is a milestone in Suda51's career

Killer7 focuses on Harman Smith, who suffers from an identity disorder, in which each of his personality is an elite assassin. There are totally seven characters existing in the protagonist with different unique features and abilities. Furthermore, he is capable of  switching his personality to suit different fighting situations and battles. His missions are all about hunting a group of violent terrorists (destructing demons) and suicide bombers, called Heaven Smile. In the end, they are supposed to discover the secrets about their organization as well as politics.

Suda51 designed Killer7 as a third-person on-rails shooter. To be specific, the player moves the characters around in third-person view, but shoot at enemies in first-person view. Apart from its weird control scheme, which prevents the player from moving freely, the soundtrack, images and plot all generally receive acclaims from critics. Besides, due to consisting of bloody, bizarre and violent scenes. the game is rated for players above 17 years old.

Bloody, bizarre and violent scenes in the game

Killer7 for PC

According to the publisher NISA, this new release for PC via Steam has many improvements. In terms of visuals, Killer7 has been modified to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio in modern computer devices. The entire game is rendered at 60fps except for the “reload” animation, rendered at 30fps. The key bindings options have been upgraded as well, which give players a variety of options to reconfigure their buttons. Furthermore, there are many other interesting features in the new version.

One more thing that should be noticed is that Suda51’s bizarre shooter is currently discounted of 10% on Steam until November 22nd.