Mojang has done a good job of creating many mobs with unique features in Minecraft. In some cases, they even sneak in some ways to transform one kind of mobs into another. That's also how you make a charged Creeper in Minecraft. You need to infuse the original Creepers with the power of lightning. So technically, you make them the god of lightning.

Charged Creeper in Minecraft

A charged Creeper is a stronger variant of the normal Creeper. Well, in fact, it's much more powerful than the original. A charged Creeper will only spawn when a Creeper is struck by lightning.

Charged Creeper Ingame
Charged Creepers are much stronger than normal Creepers.

You can immediately tell the Charged Creepers apart by their blue glow around the body. The blast radius of a charged Creeper in Minecraft is twice as big as that of the normal creepers. The explosion is 50% more powerful than a TNT as well!

What to use a Charged Creeper for?

If you want to get mob heads in Minecraft, the only way to go is to use charged Creepers. Then their explosion goes off and kills nearby mobs (zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, or creepers), they will 100% drop a mob head. It won't work for the End Dragon, though.

Charged Creeper Minecraft
Use cheats to summon a lightning strike would be the easiest.

How to make a Charged Creeper in Minecraft?

Basically, a Creeper will turn into a charged Creeper when struck by lightning within 4 blocks away. That's fundamental to all methods here. So, in order to create a charged Creeper, you will have to be in the Overworld. On top of that, there must be a lightning storm.

Then you can pick one of the methods above:

  • Hit a Creeper with an enchated Trident that has the Channeling Enchantment. Remember to hit the target within 4 blocks to trigger the transformation.
  • Create a corral section to trap Creepers. Then place a Lightning Rod close by.

Note: If you're enabling cheats, use the commands to summon a lightning strike or a thunderstorm.

Charged Creeper Trident
Just be careful not to kill the Creepers.

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