Fancy or simple-but-cool weapon skins are something that makes you look more pro when playing the game. Once a new season is released, the developer also offers players with lots of attractive weapon skins. Here are the top five best weapons skin PUBG ever made.

5. Turquoise Delight

This is one of the most creative and fancy Kar98K skins PUBG has ever made. This fancy skin is inspired by the Asiimov line in CS: GO with black, white, and orange colors. Then, PUBG developer adds blue patterns to this skin. It makes the gun look attractive and alluring.

Turquoise Delight On Kar98k
Turquoise Delight Kar98K

4. Gold Plate

Gold Plate is another good-looking weapon skin in PUBG available for lots of weapons, such as shotgun, ARs, and SRs. But it best matches AKM and makes the gun look amazing. It would be fantastic when holding a gun made of solid gold. This skin will make your weapon look charming and deluxe.

Gold Plate Akm
Gold Plate AKM

3. Shark Bite

Shark Bite is an impressive weapon skin. It features the famous shark mouth design taken from warplanes. Shark Bite skin looks the best on the sniper rifle Kar98K. The whole gun is painted in grey like the skin of a shark. Then, there’s an open shark mouth full of sharp teeth and a pair of red eyes. With a Kar98K in Shark Bite skin in your hands, you will look cool and redoubtable, as cool as cucumber.

Shark Bite Kar98k
Shark Bite Kar98K

2. Glory

That’s the feeling this skin brings to you: glory. With sleek black color and white phoenix pattern, it makes the gun look powerful, cool, and mysterious as an assassin. It’s available for AKM, one of the strongest AR guns in this game.  

Glory Akm
Glory AKM

1. The Olive Branch

Unlike previous skin, the Olive Branch is the skin for the frying pan. It’s extremely rare, but trust me, this is the best weapon skin PUBG ever made. Imagine that you kill the enemy with an Olive Branch pan, it would be fantastic. This rarest skin is available at a jaw-dropping price of $1,800. How amazing!

The Olive Branch Pan
The Olive Branch Pan

These are the top five most amazing and rarest skins in PUBG. You can put on these cosmetics for your weapons and eliminating enemies like a pro player.