In recent PUBG Update to Miramar, PUBG set an unrealistic community mission of gathering 1.95 million DVDs. However, PUBG Corp. seems to overestimate their player-base and make it impossible to complete this mission now. In a recent announcement, PUBG Corp. adjusted the mission milestones to make it collectible for players.

PUBG Updates New Mission Milestones

In recent update patch 5.1, a.k.a the Survivor’s Pass: Badlands, PUBG threw out a mission gathering DVDs to collect items. It’s supposed that the PUBG community will complete this mission within Survivor’s Pass. And the highest milestones to reach is 1.95 million DVDs. After completing this mission, the PUBG community will explore the background story of Miramar desert.

New Mission Milestones
New Mission Milestones

According to this mission, you can contribute 1 point with a single DVD, 2 points with a split DVD, and 3 points with an old disc. Your points will be counted and added to the overall points of the community. After reaching a milestone, players will receive a skin reward and a piece of video or image.

However, the developers of PUBG then have to reduce the target to 1.3 million after realizing they misjudged their player-base. PlayerIGN confirmed the update news on Twitter.

Previous Mission Milestones
Previous Mission Milestones

PUBG players have various reactions to this news. A Twitter account Jai_Bones replied that he observed PUBG added more boxes than the previous mission. It makes the items easier to collect. For example, he collected three items in only one room. Another player commented that PUBG players even don’t collect items as they think it’s time-wasting.

About Miramar

Miramar is a desert map in PUBG. At first, the developer designed a four square kilometer desert but then, they released an eight-square-kilometer map. Miramar has sandy hills, mountains, abandoned buildings, rustic areas, and small bushes. It’s suitable for long-range combat and ambushes.

Pubg Added Spike Trap
PUBG Added Spike Trap In The Latest Update

Noticing their players lost their interest and the background story is not enough to motivate them, PUBG made changes. Additionally, the game developer has launched the update patch 5.2 and added the spike trap. Another enhancement in this update is the PUBG Labs where developers launch new features and players give feedback.