PUBG Global Championship, the biggest PUBG eSports event this year, has finished. Korean team Gen.G, the champion of PUBG Global Invitation 2018/TPP, secured the global crown with impressive performances in Grand Finals.

Gen.G Won PUBG Global Championship 2019

The Korean representatives Gen.G deserved the trophy of PGC 2019 with their excellent performance in the Global Finals in Oakland. Five talented men brought their country the global championship and came back home with $2 million.

Gen G Win Pubg Global Championship
Gen G Win PUBG Global Championship

Gen.G had a good beginning on the first day in the final stage with two Chicken Dinner in succession in match one and two. After day one, they stood on the 1st position with 56 points, leading the 2nd position of Four Angry Men by 4 points. Then, although they didn’t get any top #1 on day two, Gen.G still secured their position with a total of 111 points. They scored 69 kill points in total (31 points in day 1 and 38 points in day 2).

Team FaZe Clan won the top #2 with 101 points, leading the top #3 of 4AM by only two points. Besides, other PUBG teams from Asia also got high positions in the final standings with four Asian teams in Top Five. Last year, in PUBG Global Invitation 2018, Gen.G also won the championship in TPP mode. Obviously, Gen.G proved their skill as well as the position of global champion in PUBG.

Congratulate Gen G Team
Congratulate Gen G Team

After winning the global championship, Gen.G took a monetary prize of $2 million. The runner-up FaZe Clan came back home with $600,000 and the third-best team 4AM took home $300,000.

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