A serious vehicle bug happened right in the middle of the match and almost costed the North American squad “The Rumblers” their slot in the grand final. The bug was so serious the player who tripped it died immediately.

Amongst all PUBG tournaments, the PUBG Global Championship is probably the biggest one. It is more or less a “world cup” for PUBG, with over three million dollars of prize money on the line, along with the prestige of being the best PUBG squad in the world.

From the original 32 teams, the Group Stage and the Elimination Stage have cut out the bottom eight. The remaining 24 teams battle against each other in the semi-finals to pick out the top 16 to participate in the grand final on Nov 23. The Rumblers has managed to overcome the odds to get into the top, while they weren’t even originally qualified (one of the qualifying teams has a visa issue).

The guy complaining about his unfair treatment

The team has been showing some excellent performances during the semi, and they could have placed much higher if it wasn’t for a rare game-breaking bug. During the Miramar match, while the team was looting around the Hacienda area, Alex ‘CherryPoppins’ Penner crash into a building with a vehicle and was launched into the air – a rather hilarious occurrence. After the guy died by fall damage, the Argentinian Team WClick cleaned up the spot. His other panicking teammates were then caught in a 3 vs 2 situations and also get eliminated.

The top 16 teams to compete in the Grand Final

After that, a lot of people were calling out and being disgruntled by the bug, as it is affecting such a big game, with millions of dollars on the line. The referee could have remade the game, as the vehicle bug was the first kill that happened in the match. However, that did not happen.

The Rumblers, nevertheless, managed to finish the semi-finals with sixty-five points, due to their last member surviving – occupying the seventh position in their group. It was just enough for them to progress to the next round in the final. Gurugamer will report more about the grand final of PUBG Global Championship, which will take place in California on Nov 23 and 24. If you are interested in PUBG related updates, please check out this post for information about patch 5.2.