The Warden is probably one of the most anticipated new mobs in Minecraft for the last few years. While Mojang adds new mobs to the game fairly frequently, they almost never add new bosses. The Warden is a boss, and it is stronger than both the Ender Dragon and Wither. It is going to come out in the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update next month.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for the Warden in Minecraft 2023 to list out everything you need to know about the mob.

1. Minecraft Warden Appearance

The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft. It only reacts to vibrations. The Warden's head has no eyes whatsoever - players can only see a big mouth that's always open. It is taller than an iron golem and made up mostly of sculk. The most striking part of the Warden's body is probably its open ribcage, exposing its heart. Players can hear the Warden's loud heartbeat when it spawns.

Minecraft Warden
The Warden in Minecraft 2023

Story-wise, it is likely that the Warden is originally the residence of the Ancient Deep Dark Cities, corrupted by the sculk. It actually shoots its sonic attack out of its heart instead of the mouth.

2. All abilities of the Warden in Minecraft 2023


The warden gives 12 seconds of the Darkness effect to all players within a 20 block radius every 6 seconds. The souls in its chest create a low, throbbing heartbeat, which occurs in tandem with the Darkness effect.

Minecrafts Warden Spreads A Darkness Effect Around
The effects make the encounter super scary.

Darkness dims the vision of the player slowly to pitch-black and then slowly goes back to the original vision for a few seconds. Some illuminated areas can still be seen while blacking out. This effect is similar to Blindness, however, it does not prevent sprinting or critical hits, and has a different dimming effect.

Overall, without a potion of night vision, this effect can be pretty annoying.

Melee attack

Punching is the most preferred method of attack for the Warden. However, unlike normal mobs, its punches deal heavy damage. Players take 16 DMG per punch in easy, 30 in normal and 45 in hard. It can kill most players in a few hits, even if they are wearing Netherite armor with enchantments.

One hit from the Warden against Netherite Armor

The warden's melee attack has a cooldown of 0.9 seconds and disables shields for 5 seconds.

Sonic shriek

If the target is in its search radius but cannot be hit (on high ground or hiding behind walls) a warden can charge up a powerful sonic boom attack. This is a crazy-powerful ability, with an AoE of 15 blocks horizontal radius and 20 blocks vertical. The attack is guided and can pass through blocks and mobs, damaging only the player. It also has a powerful knockback effect.

Minecraftl 5 2864
The sonic attack of the Warden.

Sonic shriek deals 10 damage in normal and 15 in hard. This attack bypasses shields, armor, enchantments, and even the wither armor of the wither. Only the Resistance effect can reduce this damage.

High HP

The Warden has 500 HP, more than both the Wither and the Ender Dragon. Furthermore, it is immune to fire, lava and drowning. It is also immune to the knockback effect.

Detection abilities

The Warden can detect all vibrations in a 16-block spherical radius. This ability has a 2 seconds cooldown. Furthermore, it can also sniff the surroundings to detect nearby mobs every 5 to 10 seconds while idle.

3. How to spawn the Warden in Minecraft

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Sculk shriekers

Unlike other mobs, Wardens do not spawn naturally. Below are the conditions for spawning a Warden:

  • A player activates a naturally generated sculk shrieker 4 times. This count is specific to each player and not each sculk shrieker. This means a Warden would spawn on the 4th activation, even if the player activated 4 different sculk shriekers.
  • The light level is less than 11. This means placing light sources would prevent the Warden from spawning.
  • There isn't another warden within 48 blocks. This means players cannot spawn multiple Warden at the same location.

The emerging animation lasts for 6.7 seconds. Players can use that opening to run away, as far as possible. Sculk Shriekers get activated by sounds and vibrations. They have a spherical range of 16 blocks.

4. How to fight the Warden in Minecraft

Anger mechanic

Mojang has created a brand new mechanic for the Warden called Anger. This means the Warden would attack the most suspicious mob and therefore very hard to trick. If you plan on bringing other mobs to distract the Warden, it might not work as planned.

Fight the Warden

It is not super hard as long as players keep their HP high enough.

It is actually not too hard to fight the Warden if you know what you are doing. Here are the most effective strategies:

  • Build a tower, climb on top and shoot at the warden with a bow. Just run away when it begins to charge the sonic attack.
  • Place TNT or other explosive blocks where it spawns. Detonate them to kill or seriously reduce the Warden's HP.
  • Dig a trap hole and fill it with cobweb. Activate the trapdoor when the warden is on top. Afterward, you can kill it with swords.
  • Summon the Wither or Iron Golems to fight it. Players need 6-8 Golems or one Wither.

Escape the Warden

The Elytra
Elytra is a great escaping tool.

Players can just run away from the Warden and wait for about 60 seconds for it to despawn. Below are the best strategies for that:

  • Use an Elytra to fly away: As the Ancient Cities have huge open areas, this is actually pretty viable. The Warden cannot detect Elytra sound.
  • Trap it on spawning: Players can place a few blocks around it when the animation plays to trap it and then run away.
  • Use other mobs as bait: While Warden prioritizes players, they still attack suspicious mobs that bump into them. Just bring a few and use them as bait.
  • Sneaking: Players make no sound when sneaking, which is a good method of avoiding the Warden. Get the Swift Sneak boot enchantment to sneak around faster.

5. What does the Warden drop in Minecraft

For all its power, the Warden drops next to nothing. When killed by a player or a tamed wolf, the Warden drops 5 experience orbs and a sculk catalyst. According to Mojang, this removes the incentives for players to kill the Warden, which leads them toward playing the Deep Dark as it is intended (a.k.a avoiding the Warden instead of fighting).

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