Villagers are the friendly mobs in Minecraft who can simulate an entire society, giving players the sense that they are playing in a living world. They can take up jobs based on the utility blocks around them, which affect their trading with players. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase an ultimate guide for all Minecraft villager jobs in 2022.

There are 13 villager jobs in Minecraft. To give villagers a new job or change their current job, players just need to replace their job site block. This only works if the villager has not traded with the player.

1. Armorer

  • Job Site Block: Blast Furnace

Going alphabetically, the first job that villagers can get is armorer. They buy coal, iron ingots, lava buckets and diamonds from players. In exchange, they sell pieces of iron armor, a town bell, a shield, and the rare chainmail armor. Players can even get enchanted diamond armors here in the late game.

Armorer With Blast Furnace In Minecraft

2. Butcher

  • Job Site Block: Smoker

The butcher sells cooked meat and rabbit stew, which players can create by themselves easily. Nevertheless, they can still be a decent source of food if players have the emerald and want to save time. The true purpose of the butcher, however, is for selling raw meat. This villager buys pretty much all kinds of meat, from chicken to pork and rabbit. At the maximum level, they even buy kelp and sweet berries for emerald.

Butcher With Smoker In Minecraft

3. Cartographer

  • Job Site Block: Cartography Table

Players can buy valuable ocean and woodland explorer maps from these villagers. These maps reveal ocean monuments, woodland mansions and buried treasures, which often contain valuable rare items. Other than the maps, players can also get item frames, empty maps, banners and a pattern from them.

They buy paper and glass panes, which means players can use them to farm emeralds.

Cartographer With Cartography Table In Minecraft

4. Cleric

  • Job Site Block: Brewing Stand

The cleric is a source of rare magical items in Minecraft. Players can buy redstone dust, lapis lazuli, glowstone and even ender pearl from them. The items they buy are pretty varied - only gold ingots and rotten flesh are easy to acquire for trade.

Cleric With Brewing Stand In Minecraft

5. Farmer

  • Job Site Block: Composter

Farmer is the most common job amongst villagers in Minecraft. They buy food from players and offer a variety of food early on. Getting them to Master Level is recommended, as they would offer trades for Golden Carrot (2nd highest saturation in the game) and Glistening Melon Slices, the main ingredient for healing potions.

Farmer With Composter In Minecraft

6. Fisherman

  • Job Site Block: Barrel

Fishermen offer various types of seafood, a campfire and an enchanted fishing rod. They are useful if players don't want to spend their resources on enchanting one. Early game, they are a good place to get those initial emeralds, as fishermen buy coals and strings. Their utility block is a barrel, which is great for storing items.

Fisherman With Barrel In Minecraft

7. Fletcher

  • Job Site Block: Fletching Table

Fletcher is one of the rarest villager jobs in Minecraft, however, it has some of the most useful trades for players. From low level fletchers, players can get flint, bow and crossbow, which would be enchanted when they get higher. The Master level fletcher trades tipped arrows, which save players a lot of crafting time.

Their job site block is a fletching table, which doesn’t serve any secondary function. It is expected that Mojang would change this in the future.

Fletcher With Fletching Table In Minecraft

8. Leatherworker

  • Job Site Block: Cauldron

Leatherworkers used to be popular but now they are just mostly for decorations. Their early trades are leather armor and leather horse armor, which are rarely used by players. The only useful thing you can get from them is a horse saddle but only at master level. Overall, just take their job block and change them into something else. The cauldron is very useful and can be used to store fluid like water, potion or lava.

Leatherworker With Cauldron In Minecraft

9. Librarian

  • Job Site Block: Lectern

Librarian is probably the best villager in the game, due to the fact that they offer enchanted books at a low price. Besides that, players can also get other valuable items like bookshelves, lanterns, glass blocks, clocks, compasses, and even name tags from them.

Players can also trade paper to librarian early on to gain emeralds.

Librarian With Lectern In Minecraft

10. Mason or Stone Mason

  • Job Site Block: Stonecutter

The mason is an essential trade if players want to decorate their structure. Players can trade a number of stone types to them and buy the chiseled/polished version. They also sell bricks at early levels.

Upon reaching the highest levels, players can get colored terracotta, glazed terracotta, block of quartz, and quartz pillars too. Their most valuable trade, however, is the dripstone block. It allows players to create a renewable source of lava and water.

Mason With Stonecutter In Minecraft

11. Shepherd

  • Job Site Block: Loom

Shepherd is another decorative-oriented villager, with their main sales being decoration items like carpets, colored wool, banners, and paintings. Players can also get beds and shears from them. Most people come to them to buy the paintings.

The shepherd's job site block is rather useful, as players can use it to create unique patterns on banners.

Shepherd With Loom In Minecraft

12. Toolsmith

  • Job Site Block: Smithing Table

Toolsmiths is the main distributor of various in game tools, including pickaxe, axe, shovel, and hoe. Overall, they are only useful in later levels where players can use emeralds to buy enchanted tools from them directly.

They also buy coal, iron ingots and diamonds, so players can definitely use them for emerald farming.

Toolsmith With Smithing Table In Minecraft

13. Weaponsmith

  • Job Site Block: Grindstone

Weaponsmith are the most valuable villager jobs in Minecraft. If you are doing a speedrun, weaponsmith chests are even better than their trades. You can find obsidian, weapons, and irons in these chests, which can be very useful.

They also buy coal, iron ingots and diamond, similar to toolsmiths. Their sales, however, are much more valuable - players can get enchanted diamond sword and axe from them at max level. Their job block, the grindstone, can be used to repair items and remove enchantments.

Weaponsmith With Grindstone In Minecraft

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