While most hostile mobs in Minecraft are melee, some of them come with powerful ranged attacks that are pretty annoying to dodge. Against multiple of them or a high number of mobs, they are probably the main target to remove first. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 mobs in Minecraft with annoying ranged attacks.

1. Skeletons

A skeleton is a common undead hostile mob equipped with a bow. When within 15 blocks of a target, with a clear line of sight, they start shooting with arrows, once every second. They are probably the annoying mob that you face most often in the game.

Antonio Ayala Skeleton Beauty V02
Minecraft skeletons are very annoying to deal with, especially in the early game.

It is not that hard dealing with them or dodging their attack, especially if you are playing on easy or normal. In hard, their shots are much more accurate.

2. Evokers

Evokers are the "mage" variant illager that spawn in woodland mansions and during pillager raids. Unlike the usual pillagers and vindicators, they are long-range magic casters with highly damaging attacks that don't rely on weapons. Evokers can summon spikes from the ground and create a trio of vexes to attack their foes... repeatedly.

Minecraft Evoker
Evokers are always the main target in all raids

The vexes are actually the most dangerous part of facing the Evokers, as they can home on players' position.

3. Ghast

Ghast is one of the most deadly flying mobs in Minecraft. They are big flying creatures that shoot fireballs at players. The fireball deals 6 damage and explodes on impact, destroying surrounding blocks. When within range, a ghast faces the player and shoots a fireball every 3 seconds.

Minecraft Ghast 2
Ghasts' fireball attacks can be deflected back to them to deal extra damage.

Fireballs do not track their target once fired and can be deflected if hit with a projectile or melee attack.

4. Blaze

Blazes are floating hostile enemies that spawn in nether fortresses. They can fly but normally stay on the ground until attacked. When damaged, blazes would alert others of their kind within 48 blocks to attack the player. They shoot 3 fireballs in a row and multiple of them could be pretty dangerous.

Blaze Minecraft
Blaze's fireballs can be pretty annoying, especially when you have to face more than one of them.

At least they can be taken down pretty easily due to their low HP. You can push them into the water as well.

5. Wither

The wither can rapidly fire explosive projectiles called wither skulls, which look like extra heads of itself, at its target. There are two types of wither skulls: a fast-moving black one, and a slower blue one.

Minecraft Wither Mob Boss
Wither can deal a lot of damage firing its skulls.

If either type of wither skull hits a player or mob, it does 8 damage on Normal difficulty. It also inflicts Wither II for 10 seconds on Normal difficulty and 40 seconds on Hard, which turns the player's hearts black and drains health, similarly to Poison. However, unlike Poison, it can kill the player.

Bonus: Warden

Mojang added a new powerup for the Warden in Minecraft 1.19 snapshot 22w15a. It now has a huge sonic wave attack that can travel up to 15 blocks. This sonic attack is fairly hard to deal with, especially if players don't have a shield. Because of this attack, it is vital that you hide from the Warden.+

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