EA and BioWare have just announced about the launch of its new Anthem game in the coming time, after weeks that people make a lot of guesses. Accordingly, this game has two demos with limited time. It is planning to go live across PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a few weeks later. These demos offer the chance to try the new online-RPG before its official launch in the upcoming February.

Anthem Game

Should you be loyal customers of BioWare, and have orders confirmed or you be a subscriber of EA/Origin Access, you will be permitted to log in the demo called Anthem VIP on Friday, January 25, 2019. The period for trying demos for this game will last within a week and is expected to close on the 27 January 2019. If you participate in the demos, BioWare will give you an exclusive item in the game. Gamers can use it in the official version.

For those who cannot participate in the demos, they can experience another free demo of Anthem game on the 1 February 2019, whose servers are planned to close on the 3 February. BioWare also announced that game players are expected to commence the level-10 session and they will have a chance to upgrade the level to 15 before reaching the limit.

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However, it needs to mention that both sessions’ progress will not be transferred to the official game. However, demos of Anthem game will offer you the opportunity to play with the content’s good cross-section. Players can experience many types of missions with two Javelin suits. Also, you will have the discovery of an open world’s part. The start mission is to examine RPG-hub Fort Tarsis, and you can even have a chance to own a stronghold if you and your friends meet the requirement in level to own super difficult dungeons of Anthem game.

Anthem Ed

Anthem is a huge start from the RPGs for single player that BioWare has ever created. Therefore, the game demo is actually an amazing chance to experience the game before its official launch on February 22, 2019.