About a years ago, the developer Too Kyo Games and the publisher Izanagi Games has opened an official website and even a Twitter account for their action-adventure game - Death March Club.

Those sites provide some early information about the game, but it's very limited. Fortunately, Death March Club has attended Tokyo Game Show 2019, and with that, now we have a brand new trailer for the game, as well as the rules of the game of death.

Here's that trailer, which you can have a look. But if that's too much, maybe consider reading our explanation later:

The rules of the "Assignment game"

Homework is already the worst nightmare that students have to face, and having to complete your assignment in a game of death is a mere disaster. The opening movie has revealed what's the rule of the "Assignment game" as well as some gameplay footages of  Death March Club. However, if you're too lazy to watch, here's the summary:

The game takes place in July 1995, where a group of elementary students named "Loser Class" is traveling on a bus to Kamakura. They're eagerly waiting for their school trip, until a meteorite falls out of the sky and strike the bus. The crash makes every student fainted, and when they wake up, they are already in an amusement park under the water.

Death March Club Trailer Tgs 2019 2
A meteor falls out from the sky

Now, they'll have to take part in the game of death: "Assignment Game". Everyone has a bracelet on their arm, which has a task like killing someone. However, it's a task for another person, and only the first person to complete their task is the winner. As a result, you'll have to do everything you can to make them show you your task, such as convincing or stealing their bracelet. Or even kill them, if that's the last method.

Death March Club Trailer Tgs 2019 1
Featuring 2D side-scrolling adventure

And don't even think about disobeying the rule. If a student chooses to abandon the game, the cylinder attached to the bracelet will infringe poison into their body, which will result in immediate death.

Release date and supported platforms of Death March Club

Previously, the developer and the publisher only announced that Death March Club will launch for PC. However, at Tokyo Game Show 2019, they've shown their generosity, as they will bring it to other platforms as well. However, details about the names of those devices haven't been revealed yet.

Death March Club Trailer Tgs 2019 3
The deadly amusement park in Death March Club is coming in 2020

Death March Club is due out in 2020 at an unknown date for PC and consoles.