All Hideo Kojima's creations are welcomed by gamers all over the world. Once a video game title has his name on it, it is certain that it will be a great game. Death Stranding will not be an exception. Coming out in this November, the latest creation of this legendary video game maker looks to be much more than just a video game. Looking at the name of actors and actresses of the cast for this game, a lot of people will think this is a movie, not a video game. And it is also true.

Death Stranding
With this cast, who can believe Death Stranding is a video game?

Hideo Kojima plans to tell players of Death Stranding a really long story, with deep plot and innovative ways to tell the story. What Hideo Kojima wants from this creation of himself is that it can become something even for the non-gamer. Something that even the people who have not touched video games before in their life can enjoy. That is why this legendary video game maker decided to add a "Very Easy" mode for Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Fire
This game will have a very easy mode for non-gamers

Whoever wants to enjoy Death Stranding still has to play video game, but with this "Very Easy" mode, Hideo Kojima wants to bring the cinematic experience to the players who are non-gamers. This is a very wise and thoughtful action from Hideo Kojima and his team. And the first tester of this "Very Easy" mode of Death Stranding is his personal assistant Ayako. She finished the game in very easy mode and had a tweet about her experience with the game. Although we does not understand Japanese, we can still feel that she loves the game very much.

However, the this something we should notice. Hideo Kojima's assistant played the game in very easy mode, but the game still took her one month to finish. At this moment we can't be sure whether she is bad at gaming or the game is really long. Hopefully it is because of the game is really long and good.