As the official release of Death Stranding coming in close, the game keeps on showing more and more of its weird side.

The latest character trailer for the game introduces us Heartman, the character that dies every 21 minutes in the game to looking for his family in the afterlife - before coming back to life three minutes later. And if that doesn't sound weird enough for you, then the character trailer below will turn the weirdness up to eleven.

Death Stranding - Heartman Introduction Trailer

In the trailer above, Heartman has talked about adapting to his weird life - as every time he resurrected, he only able to live for 21 minutes before dying again. Because living a life like that isn't easy, he has to prepare an enormous library of entertainment for his really short timeframe of living. And of course, having sex for him is out of the question, as no man in his right mind wants to die right in front of his partner.

Heartman is modeled after Nicolas Winding Refn, a renowned director with movies like Drive, The Neon Demon, and Only God Forgives. Refn has also worked with his co-star Mads Mikkelsen before joining in the crew of Death Stranding, as Mads once starred in a Refn movie named Valhalla Rising.

Death Stranding 3 900x
An in-game screenshot

Cutscenes and trailers like the above are the signatures of Hideo Kojima games, and this sure is not the only time we will see Heartman in the game. Kojima is also known for his efforts at providing detailed backstory for his characters - even the minor ones, so we can make sure that there is more to see about this weird character when the game comes out.

Death Stranding will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 this November 8th. According to Kojima, this game will not belong to the Stealth Action genre, but a brand new genre of its own - similar to how Kojima invented the Stealth genre with Metal Gear in the past.