Rockstar Games exhibited meticulous attention to detail during the development of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5. Presently, there exists an abundance of myths surrounding the game, speculating about what can and cannot be achieved within its virtual world. Myths have always captivated players throughout the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, ranging from the elusive Bigfoot in San Andreas to the alleged ghost of Sonny Forelli in Vice City, among numerous others.

While certain myths continue to baffle enthusiasts, a number of inquisitive members within the gaming community have successfully refuted several of them. Thus, it is time to unveil the ten most preposterous GTA 5 myths that have ever circulated and subsequently been debunked.

1. Cops arrest players for wielding weapons

The non-playable characters (NPCs) within GTA 5 exhibit a diverse range of reactions. When players brandish a weapon in close proximity to an NPC, they often react with panic and flee from the scene. Consequently, many players assume that performing such actions in front of the police will result in an immediate arrest. However, the police will not take any action unless players explicitly aim their weapons directly at the NPCs.

2. Blimp doesn't float on water

The Blimp serves as a distinctive airborne vehicle in the game, offering players the ability to navigate through the skies, albeit at a significantly sluggish pace. A prevalent misconception regarding the Blimp is that it lacks the capability to float on water, but this notion is incorrect. In reality, when players land the Blimp on a body of water, it not only floats but even bounces a few times, defying the myth surrounding its aquatic abilities.

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Blimp actually floats on water like a ball

3. Standing on a campfire does not deal damage

Within the expansive GTA 5 map, one encounters vibrant urban landscapes like Los Santos alongside the vast wilderness of Blaine County. Interestingly, numerous non-playable characters (NPCs) engage in camping activities in and around Mt. Chilliad, establishing campfires. Contrary to common belief, if a player stands upon these campfires, they do not ignite in flames.

4. Players can shoot an NPC's phone out of their hands

Rockstar Games strives to incorporate a high degree of realism into its games, although certain technological constraints prevent the inclusion of certain elements. One common misconception among players is the belief that it is possible to shoot phones out of non-playable characters' hands. Regrettably, this action is not feasible within the game.

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It is not possible to shoot at an NPC's phone

5. No fall damage in pools

One of the prevailing myths in the GTA community revolves around the notion that swimming pools offer protection against fall damage. However, this is a widespread misconception, as characters meet their demise upon impact when falling from a significant height into swimming pools.

6. Sticky Bombs can only be detonated remotely

The Sticky Bomb serves as a convenient explosive tool that players have the ability to detonate whenever desired. It possesses the unique characteristic of adhering to any surface, providing an effective means of countering disruptive players. Intriguingly, in addition to the standard detonation method, players can also trigger a planted Sticky Bomb by performing a melee attack on it, offering an alternative way to activate its explosive potential.

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Players can break a sticky bomb manually

7. Blimp doesn't go through Miriam Turner Overpass

The Miriam Turner Overpass is an expansive suspension bridge within the game. A common belief among players is that the Blimp is too large to navigate through its pylons. However, contrary to this notion, the airship is indeed capable of fitting through the pylons, although it may require a tight squeeze to accomplish this feat.

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Its entirely possible to get the blimp through the pass

8. Chop only fetches balls

Chop, Franklin's canine companion, makes an appearance during one of the most amusing missions in GTA 5. Players have the option to take Chop for a walk and engage in the classic game of throwing and fetching balls. However, caution must be exercised, as if a player throws a grenade while playing with Chop, he will instinctively run towards the explosive, which could lead to unfortunate consequences.

9. Destroying traffic lights causes chaos

Another myth circulating in GTA 5 suggests that destroying traffic lights would cause non-playable characters (NPCs) to disregard traffic regulations. However, it is important to note that this action has absolutely no impact on their behavior, debunking the misconception entirely.

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Destroying traffic lights

10. Flare Gun cannot damage items

While the Flare Gun's main purpose is to serve as a signaling device, it can also be utilized in more malevolent ways. If a player shoots another player's parachute with the Flare Gun, it will result in the destruction of the parachute, causing the unfortunate user to plummet from the sky without any means of safety or descent.

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Flare guns do deal a small amount of damage.

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