20 Minutes Of S Rank Devil May Cry 5 Dante Gameplay - TGS 2018

To those who don’t play Devil May Cry, Dante, one of the game characters, doesn’t have any outstanding and special feature. Just like many other characters, Dante is just another roguish anti-hero with a charming appearance and cheesy short jokes who never takes things seriously. However, to the fans of this game, particularly of this very character, Dante true version is also shown through the way we play the game.

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In the first prequels of the game, the developers only concentrated on Dante’s attitude. Although he can still attract fans in those versions thanks to the added set of skills and movements full of style, it was only until Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening that he was able to show the fans the best of him.

In this game, Dante was at the peak of his complex, which also made him extremely interesting. The reason for that wasn’t a narrative revelation, the game was still mainly about killing demons with your characters. What made the game and also Dante so special was that it is really hard and requires a lot of time and skill to be able to slice the demons in the game effectively. Therefore, those who managed to achieve that and fully experience DMC3’s combat systems claim they found Dante highly exciting and satisfying to control with a slight nuance.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho devil may cry 5 dante

Dante’s image in the third entry later became the foundation on which this character in the next versions was built. Although Dante has had some changes: he aged, he becomes more violent and stronger but he still got his outstanding combat skills. You can still use four different fighting style of him, which are: Swordmaster - enables Dante to use melee weapons along and offers him an additional moveset; Gunslinger - enables him to have more deadly shot; Trickster - Grants him advanced acrobat’s skills that help him perform dashes or extra jumps, he even has teleport skill that hones in on his enemies; and last but not least, Royal Guard - allow Dante to absorb the damages he receives and use it to fight back with greater lethality.

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Each of those skills is able to give you a different experience while playing the game. This makes Dante suitable for a wide range of players, from those who love hit-and-run strategy to those who use duck-and-move one, to the risk-taker who attacks recklessly. Not only that, the real appealing aspect while controlling Dante is that you can be creative and find a way to combine all his combat styles together and practice you can switch back and forth between those styles to the extent that you become the ruler of the battlefield, terrorizing all kinds of enemies from the nearby ones to those from afar.

Many agree that the latest version of Dante in Devil May Cry 5 has undeniably satisfied players. Furthermore, if you have tried the previous versions, you will find this Dante familiar.

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One can assume that the most noticeable change is the Cavaliere - a new weapon. Cavaliere is primarily a motorcycle, but when we want to, we can turn it into two buzzsaw-like blades. This weapon is extremely useful with multi-functions. This weapon has slow attacks, but a great deal of damage and the wide area of effect (AOE) that help it catch a large number of enemies while also trap them in place balance everything out. Using this kind of weapon is similar to using a Monster Hunter weapon: both are slow, the users of both kinds have to be very careful with great timing skills.

However, this creates for the weapon itself a great advantage: you can use the spare time between attacks to plan your next move, which fighting style you should switch to depending on the battlefield situation, which weapon you should use with that style to keep yourself on the high ground of the game. It’s great to avoid having the combat pace becoming too fast and uncontrollable, especially to those who can’t concentrate as well as press buttons for the whole battle.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho devil may cry 5 dante